The 2018 MTV VMAs Was The Least-Watched Of All Time

I guess people prefer their Madonna French kissing Britney Spears than blowing smoke up her own ass in the name of Aretha Franklin.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the VMAs drew its smallest audience for the second year in a row. Monday night’s show drew a little less than five million viewers across eight Viacom-owned channels. It also aired on TV Land because apparently someone in their marketing department thought replacing I Love Lucy for the night with Nicki Minaj humping something would be A-OK with Grammy and Grampy. Somehow, I doubt the memaws tuning in will drive up viewership to rid it of its curse ratings crown.

The previous record holder for the least-watched show was the 2017 VMAs, but they were able to blame that on Game Of Thrones airing at the same time. This year, it was just WWE and an NFL pre-season game.

I know I’m pushing 30, which is coffin-eligibility age in gay years, but I also think it maaaaay have had something to do with the performers, presenters and nominees.  I’m not saying manipulate the votes, but maybe, just, maaaaaaybe people didn’t want to see Camila Cabello win Video of the Year (and blow smoke up Madge’s oddly taut-for-its-age ass) when Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Kanye West and honestly anyone else in the music industry had albums out that did better!


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