‘The Bachelor’ Recap: [SPOILER] Leaves Colton During Fantasy Suite Date

Things did NOT go as Colton planned during the Fantasy Suites on ‘The Bachelor’, and rather than sending one of the women home, HE was the one left high, dry and heartbroken.

The March 4 episode of The Bachelor brings Colton Underwood and his three remaining women, Cassie Randolph, Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams, to Portugal for the Fantasy Suite dates. Colton is a virgin, so having the opportunity to spend the night with three different women is obviously a big deal. He reiterates that he is ready to lose his virginity if he is in love, and admits that it could very well happen on this trip. The first woman to go on the special one-on-one date this week is Tayshia.

After a romantic helicopter ride, Colton and Tayshia discuss her hometown date from the week before. Colton lets Tayshia know that he received her dad’s blessing to propose, and she assures him that this is a good sign. They agree that the ability to have ‘intimate conversations’ in the Fantasy Suite is just as important for them as getting intimate physically. However, Tayshia is definitely ready to connect with Colton on a physical level, especially since she is officially “in love” with him.

Before things are taken to the next level, though, Tayshia opens up about her relationship with her ex-husband. She reveals that he cheated on her while they were together, which is why she places a high value on intimacy and recognizes the importance of it. Colton and Tayshia decide to forego their individual rooms and share a Fantasy Suite together. However, he does not lose his virginity. Tayshia admits that she and Colton didn’t reach the level of physical intimacy she wanted, but is happy with how deep their conversation got. Colton explains that he simply wasn’t ready to have sex with Tayshia yet because, while he’s falling in love with her, he’s not in love with her. Tayshia lets Colton know that she’s in love with him, but is left wondering if she should’ve said more.

Cassie’s date is next. She wasn’t able to tell Colton she’s falling in love with him after hometown dates, so this week is extra important for the two, as he hopes she’s finally able to get to that place with him. They have a fun day exploring Portugal together, and by the end of the afternoon, Colton says he’s “point blank” in love with Cassie. He even admits that he think this might be the night he loses his virginity, as he’s simply waiting to be in love with someone to do so.

However, it doesn’t take long for things to start falling apart. Colton lets Cassie know that he didn’t receive her father’s blessing to propose to her, and this proves to be a red flag for the 23-year-old. She’s quite surprised by Colton’s confession, and tells him that it’s left her really confused because she thought things went so well between Colton and her parents. Colton assures Cassie that none of this changes how he feels about her, but she’s still feeling the pressure, and gets emotional as they part ways to get ready for the evening.

Before the nighttime portion of the date, though, Cassie gets a special visitor — her dad actually shows up in Portugal! He’s not convinced that Cassie is in love and is concerned about a potential engagement. Cassie’s dad tells her that he didn’t find it realistic to give Colton his blessing after a 30 minute conversation. She admits that she thinks she’s in love with Colton, but would ideally want more time before deciding to accept a proposal. Her dad explains that she should only accept a proposal if she’s 100% confident in the relationship, and he doesn’t get the vibe that she is. He urges Cassie to be honest with herself and not force feelings that aren’t there, and she breaks down in tears because she does care about Colton, she just doesn’t know that she’s definitely in love with him.

Of course, Colton has no idea this is going on, and goes into the nighttime portion of the date feeling confident, despite the troubling conversation he had with Cassie earlier. He says Cassie is “the one” and confirms that he loves her and wants to be with her. However, Cassie lets Colton know that she’s worried about why her father’s disapproval wasn’t more of a concern for him, and tells him about her dad’s surprise visit.

Cassie explains that she doesn’t want Colton to lose out on what he came on the show for — an engagement — if he chooses her. She says she does love him, but is not in love with him, and since she’s having doubts, she wouldn’t be able to accept a proposal. Cassie is so overwhelmed by her confusion that she walks away from Colton in tears. She came into the night ready to leave the show, but is now second-guessing that decision.

Colton assures Cassie that he’s fine with being patient if she’s not ready to get engaged. He urges her not to overthink things, lets her know that he’s in love with her, and admits he’s confused about why she has so many doubts. Engagement or not, Colton wants Cassie to be the one he ends up with — he feels that strongly about her, even with two other girls left. Despite Colton’s assurances, though, Cassie still has doubts, and ultimately makes the decision to leave. It’s a tearful goodbye, and Colton vows that he won’t stop fighting for Cassie before letting her go.

After that is the moment every Bachelor fan has been waiting for — Colton storms off and jumps over a fence, disappearing from the view of Chris Harrison and producers. We’ll have to wait until the March 11 finale to see what happens next….and what this means for Tayshia and Hannah!

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