The Bachelor Spoilers: Peter’s Fiancee Allegedly Revealed … and You’re Not Gonna Believe This

We have to be straight with you. Real talk time, Bachelor Nation:

This has not been an especially great season of the ABC show.

Peter Weber himself has admitted that that he kind of sucks, while fans across the nation have lamented the show’s extreme focus on drama and contestant cattiness all winter long.

But maybe, you guys, just maybe… these frustrating past few weeks have all been leading up to the greatest twist in Bachelor history.

And we don’t say that lightly.

We hope you’re sitting down before reading this. Good? Okay. On Monday night, Peter narrowed the pool down to four:

Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, Kelsey Weier, and Victoria Fuller will all be heading to Weber’s hometown next.

It’s sounding more and more plausible, however, that NONE of these women receive an engagement ring from him …

… because he’s already gotten down on one knee and PROPOSED TO A PRODUCER on this very program!

Her name is Julie LaPlaca (shown above) and Reddit users are convinced she has agreed to be Peter’s wife.

On one hand, these alleged Bachelor spoilers seems positively ridiculous, wild, speculative and absurd.

On the other, doesn’t it make a lot of sense that a Bachelor star would get very close to employees on set?

Is this not a format in which a person is set up to fall in love with someone he only meets on this TV show?

Why would it be so crazy that he could meet, get to know and eventually for a staff member during filming?

The Reddit thread pushing this theory points out that Weber’s own father posted a photo from New Years Eve of LaPlaca out to dinner on with the family in New York City.

We’ve gone ahead and published it below.

The thread also notes that LaPlaca has been tagged in photos while wearing Seattle Seahawks attire. Whatever it’s worth, the ‘Hawks are Weber’s favorite professional football team.

There’s also the very first snapshot posted above, which features LaPlaca cozying up to Weber and which was shared late last year by LaPlaca, who wrote as a caption at the time:

“1 more month til this bachelor takes off on the greatest flight of his life!”

We could be reading into that, but …

Rumors of Weber being engaged to LaPlaca have grown so strong online that the show actually commented on it.

Robert Mills – the network’s senior vice president of alternative series, specials & late-night programming – actually spoke to ET about what fans can expect from the upcoming finale.

He seemed aware of all the Julie LaPlaca talk, that’s for sure.

“I’m not going to confirm or deny about whether he ends up with a producer!” Mills said. “I don’t know how we’d ever top that!”

“But, it is crazy.”

Naturally, of course, it is a producer’s job to build up the finale and to hype all possibilities, and to do their best to keep it going.

So one ought to take Mills’ words with a grain of salt the size of Weber’s erection the night he shagged Hannah Brown four times.

Still, you’ve got to be intrigued by this quote:

“What we’ve seen about the finale over the years is that the ‘finale’ is really on that night when the show goes live,” Mills added.

“There’s a lot of craziness, it’s a roller coaster.”

“But I would say that even now the roller coaster hasn’t ended, and it won’t end until after After the Final Rose.”

Wow. Even Chris Harrison would have to tip his hat to Mills for authoring that mysterious teaser, don’t you think?

The Bachelor returns next week, and let’s be honest here… how cool would it be if Weber got engaged to a producer!?

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