The curious case of the Duchess of Sussex’s ‘borrowed’ Saudi earrings

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The bulk of the first Times of London’s article is about how the Duchess of Sussex is the real bully because she’s Black and American. White ladies were literally weeping in palace closets because Meghan asked them to do something. Actually, scratch that, we still don’t know why these people were crying. It is, as always, purposefully vague. This is not a situation where a victim has come out to tell her story of what exactly happened and how she reacted. Speaking of purposefully vague, interspersed in the first Times story was the very oddly worded smear that Meghan purposefully wore a pair of earrings gifted to her by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman just three weeks after MBS had Jamal Khashoggi murdered. The Times also suggests that Meghan lied about it? Here’s what the Times claimed:

The Times can also reveal that the duchess wore earrings to a formal dinner in Fiji in 2018 that were a wedding gift from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, who is said by US intelligence agencies to have approved the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The dinner took place three weeks after the killing.

At the time it was reported that the earrings were borrowed. The duchess does not deny this was what she said, despite being aware of their provenance.

On the same tour sources said the main reason that the duchess cut short an engagement in Fiji was because of her reservations about the organisation UN Women. It is not clear why she is said to have felt so strongly about its presence. The duchess denies the sources’ claims about the event.

The tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga was a difficult one for staff, sources told The Times. When the duchess wore the earrings in Fiji given by the crown prince she told aides who were preparing to brief the media about her outfit for the state dinner that they had been “borrowed” from a jeweller, a source said, an explanation that was widely reported. This was three weeks after the murder of Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul

Lawyers for the duchess said she may have stated they were borrowed but did not say they were borrowed from a jeweller and denied that she had misled anyone about their provenance.

[From The Times]

So, during her first overseas tour, at a moment when Meghan had not even been a member of the Royal Family for seven full months, there was some kind of miscommunication about the provenance of a pair of earrings. Someone, somewhere claims that Meghan knew the earrings came from MBS, but that she claimed that the earrings were “borrowed.” It’s also worth noting that it took weeks after Khashoggi’s murder to unravel the thread of who was responsible and that MBS ordered it. In the Sussexes’ denial story to People Magazine, they add a few more layers of intrigue:

The Times story also includes a claim that Meghan wore earrings during her 2018 visit to Fiji that had been a wedding gift from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, who U.S. intelligence agencies have said approved the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. PEOPLE has learned that the earrings were gifted on March 7, 2018, from the Saudi Arabian royal family. Neither the Duke nor the Duchess of Sussex was present when they were given at Buckingham Palace, and as is protocol for any wedding gift of this nature, they remain property of The Crown.

As for a claim in The Times story that Meghan cut short an engagement in Fiji because of her reservations about the U.N. Women’s organization, the group is featured as a partner on the Sussexes’ Archewell Foundation initiatives for International Women’s Day, and Meghan gave a keynote address to the group on gender equality in 2015.

[From People]

First, the smear about the UN Women thing is just stupid, and I don’t know why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are so lazy and half-assed with their smear campaign. Two, it absolutely makes more sense if the earrings were a gift from the Saudi royal family entirely, as opposed to a gift from MBS alone. Three, that is what Meghan was likely referring to in Fiji when she said the earrings were borrowed – the earrings belong to the Royal Collection. The Royal Family had a particularly nasty history specifically with Meghan and Royal Collection jewelry. Angela Kelly controls the Royal Collection jewelry, and from there, we got two huge smears – the “Meghan’s wedding tiara” fake scandal and the “Prince William doesn’t want Meghan to wear royal jewels anymore” story. So the Saudi earrings story sounds like Angela Kelly was setting up a long-running smear, when it was likely Angela Kelly who pre-selected the earrings for Meghan to “borrow.”

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