The highest rated best-selling shapewear by request and more

Thanks to a recommendation from reader laurelcanyoner I bought these very inexpensive microfiber makeup remover cloths. They’re just $6.99 for a pack of five and they’re so much better than washcloths at removing makeup and exfoliating. I still use foaming facial cleanser but I need less. I’m also still so happy with my new Ninja programmable coffeemaker. It makes the coffee faster and I don’t have a problem with grounds in my coffee like with a standard coffee maker. I know I sound like a commercial but it’s true!

Shaping shorts which are so comfortable

We got a request for shapewear from Agnes, who writes “I’m going to a family wedding… it’s my husband’s side of the family. They’re an awful, judgmental lot. I really want to look my best. I’m looking for some affordable but good shape wear I could wear under my dress and would appreciate any recommendations.” I looked through all the best-selling shapewear and found these under $10 slip shorts by Bestena. This is one of the only products among the top listings with an A from Fakespot. It has over 340 reviews and 4.8 stars too! They come in white, nude and black and in sizes small to xxx-large. Women write that they’re “comfortable,” “light weight” “smooth under clothes,” solve thigh-chafing issues, and are made of “a smoother nylon type material” that dresses don’t stick to. They’re also said to stay in place and not roll down like other shaping shorts. (If you’re looking for tummy control panties, these have 4.3 stars, 420 reviews and an A from Fakespot. I have a pair like this, not this brand I got mine in Germany, and they make me feel more confident in tight dresses.)

A feminine bohemian wrap dress

You know I love dresses, especially midi dresses as they’re more versatile and harder to find. One of my friends told me she wore a dress to dinner because I’m always wearing dresses and it was the nicest compliment! This flowy, feminine wrap dress by Zesica has a Bohemian vibe that women love. It comes in 13 different colorful prints, several of which are florals, and a few different styles, some with cute ruffles at the hem and sleeves. It has 440 reviews, 4.1 stars and a B from Fakespot. It’s also so affordable at under $31. Reviewers call it “perfect for summertime,” “even prettier in person,” and “a light and airy dress.” Some warn that you have to wash it in cold water or it will shrink. Here’s a link to a plus-sized floral midi dress which also has an A from Fakespot. (If you’re looking for a more modern wrap dress, check out this classic cap sleeve wrap dress by Lark & Ro, which we’ve featured before. That’s more my style.)

An easy-to-wear summer button-down dress for less than $24

I looked through so many dresses trying to find one we haven’t posted yet and so many have D or F ratings from Fakespot. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a chore looking through dresses, it’s just surprising how many have stacked ratings. This adorable button-down spaghetti strap dress with pockets must be new as it’s the first time I’m seeing it. It has 4.3 stars, almost 800 ratings and an A from Fakespot. There are also so many pictures of women in this cute dress. It comes in 28 different prints, colors and cuts and is available in sizes small to xx-large. Women call it “a cute sundress for the price,” “amazing” and “my favorite dress.” It’s also said to be soft and to help hide problem areas as it has an empire waist. Apparently the buttons are just for decoration though. (Here’s a link to a similar but longer dress by Ecoine which comes in sizes up to 3x. That one has a 3.8 star rating and a B from Fakespot.)

Super comfortable wedge sandals

I have a pair of Clark’s wedges which have light green straps and only go with a handful of my dresses (the struggle). They’re so comfortable that I go dancing in them and plan outfits around them. Like dresses, I looked through so many wedge shoes on Amazon and most have D and F ratings from Fakespot. (These companies need to stop stacking the ratings as it gives poor impressions of products which may otherwise be great.) I’m recommending these sandals from Clark’s as they have 4.6 stars and a C from Fakespot, which is frankly higher than most other wedges. They’re also very similar in style to the green wedges from Clarks which I already own. These come in black, navy, tan and white leather options. Reviewers call them “so comfortable,” “an awesome shoe” and “like walking on pillows.” That’s how my green ones are! (These sling wedges from Rockport also have a C from Fakespot. The shoes are just full of fake reviews.)

An expandable selfie stick that can fit in your purse

I’ve resisted buying a selfie stick until now, but I just bought this expandable wireless one for just $14. This would be great for taking photos and videos with friends. This has 74 reviews, 4.4 stars and an A from Fakespot. It fits most major phones. Users say that it’s so compact and lightweight when folded, “about the size of two thick lipstick tubes,” that it holds phones securely, and is “super convenient especially for traveling.” It’s also said to be easy to set up and use with one-button operation.

A wireless rechargeable LED motion-sensor closet light

My closet is dark and I need a solution for that. This very bright rechargeable 78 LED strip light should do the trick. This has 980 reviews, 4.3 stars and a B from Fakespot. It attaches to an adhesive strip that’s magnetic so you can easily remove the light to recharge it. It’s rechargeable by USB. The light unit is magnetic and will automatically to any metal surface. Reviewers say the lights “work perfectly” and that they love “how easy this is to program and use.” This would also be a great gift to install for an elderly person who needs automatic lighting when getting out of bed or going to the bathroom. They have a video on the listing showing how versatile and useful this light is. I just bought one.

An umbrella that flips inside out so it won’t get your stuff wet

It’s been raining so much lately I’ve been thinking about umbrellas. (If you listen to our podcast this week there are several moments where I got startled by thunder!) This umbrella has a unique design that flips inside out so that the wet part drips down and not all over everything. This has over 2,700 reviews, 4.4 stars and a B from Fakespot. It comes in 26 different colors and prints and is $23. Here’s a link to a cheaper version of this umbrella which is only $17 but might not hold up as long.

I want to do a back to school post for Thursday (is it that time already?) so let me know if you have any recommendations for that or for other products you like. Thanks for reading and commenting on our affiliate post!

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