‘The Hills’ Reboot Stars Filming 1 Week After Announcement: See First Behind-The-Scenes Pics

Heidi Pratt has revealed BTS pics of what appeared to be a filming set for ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ on Aug. 27! Take a peek at who could be returning, here!

It’s been just one week since MTV announced on Aug. 20 that The Hills is getting a rebooted docuseries, slated to premiere in 2019. And yet it appears that the fresh series, The Hills: New Beginnings, isn’t that “Unwritten.” New dramas, friendships and tears are most likely underway after Heidi Pratt, 31, filmed multiple videos of herself at a “pool party” on Aug. 27. The videos just so happened to include familiar faces like Audrina Patridge, 33, and Frankie Delgado, 37, and not so familiar faces…AKA, a possible film crew? “Today I am a working mom going to a pool party wearing my shoes,” Heidi said in one of the first videos, who was carrying her 10-month-old son, Gunner. “Yep, it’s really easy carrying a 30-lb. baby with my shoes.”

“Okay, so I finally put Gunner down. We’re at Frankie’s house,” Heidi said in another video after arriving at castmate Frankie’s house. “I’ve been missing everything, but now I’m ready for my glass of champagne.” The party scene included a picnic table topped with fruit platters and other goodies, surrounded by other former The Hills stars. They were Jason Wahler, 31, Heidi’s husband Spencer Pratt and sister-in-law Stephanie, a now blonde Audrina, and Frankie, who popped a bottle of champagne. Jason’s wife, Ashley Slack, was also in attendance. But the most notable party guests were several unidentified individuals in the background, standing by equipment. One of them appeared to be wearing a utility belt, and the other was standing on a miniature ladder. Looks like a filming set to us!

The guests in Heidi’s Instagram videos were the same friends who attended the 2018 MTV VMAs together on Aug. 20, except for Justin Bobby, 36, not to be seen at the party. But Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Lo Bosworth and Whitney Port were absent from both the VMAs and Frankie’s pool party! While it’s unknown what Lauren, Kristin, and Lo’s plans are, at least Whitney won’t be that MIA for long. She announced in an Instagram post on Aug. 21 that she’ll be going back to “insane looks” for The Hills reboot!

MTV didn’t state who specifically is returning for the reboot, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for the rest of the cast. We better get a full reunion!

HollywoodLife has reached out to MTV for a comment.

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