The Jonas Brothers Share How They Tried To Blend DNCE’s Sound with Nick Jonas’ Solo R&B Vibe to Create Comeback Album

The Jonas Brothers took time for an interview with Zach Sang on his radio show. While the conversation mostly focused on the trio’s new music, some interesting facts spilled out on that topic — especially about how the brothers tried to craft a new sound that still built on elements of the group’s older sound with the help of producer Ryan Tedder.

One interesting fact revealed in the interview was that both Joe and Nick admitted that they were consciously trying to blend the sounds that they had worked on during their musical “side” projects since they stopped performing as a group. For instance, it seems that, in their hit single “Sucker,” the newly reformed JoBros took some of DNCE’s guitar and drum sounds and mixed them with Nick’s more dance-oriented R&B vibe.

The brothers also shared their thoughts on trying to avoid “negativity” in their new songs. They cited their more recent single “Cool” as an example of just trying to encourage listeners to feel good about themselves, have a good time and not take things too seriously.

You can listen to the full interview below.

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