The Latest “House Of Cards” Teaser Shows What Happened To Frank Underwood

When Kevin Spacey was fired from House of Cards after several sexual assault allegations came out against him, we weren’t exactly sure what would happen to Frank Underwood. I mean, if Melania Trump has taught us anything, it’s that you can have a first spouse technically be present without seeing them for weeks on end. Alas, the latest trailer dropped and, well, they didn’t go that route (I guess a SPOILER ALERT after the jump).

Vulture says the final season of HoC will come out on November 2, just before the midterm elections. I smell a conspiracy! Who is going to vote when they have the ability to binge watch President Claire, er, Robin Wright melt the flesh off anyone in front of her without so much as raising her voice?! The latest trailer shows Claire standing precisely where Frank once stood to take a leak on the grave of his father and, welp, she seems to be poised to do the same to Frank’s (yup, he’s dead)…at least verbally:

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