The Potential Romance Between Drake And 18-Year-Old Model Bella Harris Is In The News Again

31-year-old rapper and one-time secret son-haver Drake was rumored to be maybe getting with 18-year-old model, Bella Harris.  Last month there were reports the two were starting to see each other after a picture of them surfaced online and people participated in their favorite human pass-time: Jumping To Conclusions. Well it’s been a few weeks and if a young up-and-coming model wants her career to get started she’s going to need more than just one tabloid rumor going, mm’kay?

TMZ is here to update us on the newest goings-on surrounding Canada’s reigning good-boy-douchebag. On Friday there were reports that Drake had taken Bella out on a date. But this is Drake we’re talking about; he’s no regular Casanova. When Drake woos a woman he spares no expense. When Drake woos a woman she gets knocked up and hides out on an island for several months to a year. So the expectations were high. This time it was being rumored that Drake had the RPM Italian restaurant in Washington D.C. shut down for the night so that he and Bella could dine in romantic seclusion. How sweet. How beautiful. How absolutely false! At least, according to Bella.

Miss Bella made a statement about these rumors and she’s labeling them: Lies. Homegirl was out at New York Fashion Week, so she wasn’t even in town to be able to hang out Drake. She had this to say:

“Coming off an amazing New York fashion week, I feel I need to set the record straight … I did not dine in DC recently. I was happily working & dining in NYC everyday.”

Well it’s hard to go on a date with a guy when you’re in a different city. Maybe Drake shut down the restaurant so he could sit down to a solo FaceTime dinner with Bella and didn’t want people staring at him as he dined across from his iPad Pro.

Here’s hoping they aren’t actually dating because she is entirely too young for him and Drake should really wait for his mid-life crisis of dating way-too-young women because that’s not really a life step you want to reach before you need to. But if Bella does get with Drake then I hope she at least plays it smart. When she gets secretly pregnant she must demand to be hidden away on an island of her choosing. Can you imagine being hidden from the public on the same island as your man’s last ex-girlfriend/baby mama? Tragic.

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