The Queen’s former chef reveals her favourite dish – and what she hates

The Queen has some certain rules she likes to follow and not having garlic on any of her menus is an absolute no-no.

According to Her Majesty's former personal chef Darren McGrady, who cooked for the Queen as well as Princess Diana in the nineties, he wasn't allowed to use garlic in any of food.

He said during a Q&A on his YouTube channel: "The Queen doesn't like garlic, we could never use it at Buckingham Palace."

It has been reported previously that the royal family are not allowed to eat the smelly vegetable, as well as onions, particularly if they are at an event where they will be expected to meet and greet guests.

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There are foods that the Queen does like, recalled Darren, who was celebrating reaching the 25,000 subscriber milestone, and that is potted shrimp.

"There's foods the Queen does love though and it's all the produce off their estate, especially Balmoral Castle," he explained.

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Later the chef, who trained at the prestigious The Savoy Hotel, added: "They're little brown shrimp harvested from Morecambe (in Lancashire) and they're cooked and marinated in this secret spicy butter.

"The Queen would have it with warm toast and when you spread it the butter melts and you have this beautiful shrimp as well. You need to look them up to try them."

The Duchess of Cornwall also confirmed the fact that the Queen has banned her family from eating garlic back in 2018.

Appearing on Australian Masterchef, Camilla replied when asked what royals were not allowed to eat: "I hate to say this, but garlic. Garlic is a no-no."

Masterchef judge Gary Mehigan had asked Camilla if the reason for the garlic ban was because of bad breath and she confirmed: “Yes, exactly… So you always have to lay off the garlic."

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The chef, who stopped working for the royals in 1997 after Princess Diana died, regaled his viewers with more tales of his career cooking for the royal family.

He explained that when he first arrived at Buckingham Palace that it wasn't about showing off his chef skills more to please the Queen: "When I moved to Buckingham Palace it was more about cooking dishes that the Queen liked.

"You could do a Beef Stroganoff – if she didn't like paprika in there then suddenly Beef Stroganoff became a dish that didn't have paprika in. You're just cooking for that one person, whereas in a hotel you're cooking your food for all the difference clients coming in."

Other interesting facts about the Her Royal Highness include her serving in the World War, how she doesn't hold a passport or driving license and celebrates two birthdays.

The corgi-loving queen has remained in the public eye for many years but has given very little away about her private life.

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