The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Porsha Williams Announces Her Pregnancy!

The ladies were in Tokyo during Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Porsha Williams realized it was time to reveal her pregnancy to her co-stars. 

Porsha wanted to make the reveal special, so she learned the phrase “ninshin chuu” for the big occasion, but everyone else seemed dazed and confused at what the 37-year-old was saying. 

“It means… I’m pregnant!” as she drew attention to her stomach by rubbing it. “My baby is coming!”

The ladies, including frenemies Kandi Burruss and Eva Marcile, were surprisingly happy about the news. 

“Honestly, I don’t know how long Porsha was going to be able to hide it because she is definitely popping, front and back, at this point,” said Cynthia Bailey who led the charge with the biggest grin. 

“All shade aside, Porsha’s going to be a real good mom,” added Eva in one of her most genuine confessionals yet. 

“I am super excited for Porsha right now because regardless of my opinions and thoughts about her relationship, I am happy that she is finally going to be able to be a mother,” said Kandi.

Elsewhere in this emotional episode:

Kandi was gearing up for her Dungeon Pary and variety show, so she shot a full-length commercial for the event. 

Eva appeared at the taping with the aim of throwing Porsha right under the bus, but Kandi had some grievances of her own with Eva. 

Kandi’s issue was that Eva seemed to want to play both sides at the best of times, but Eva said that she was “trying to stay on the yoga mat with a white flag up.”

It’s bad that Kandi even had to explain that, but we need to remember here that Eva is still a relatively new addition to the cast. 

More than anybody, Kandi knew that picking a side was must in any scenario or else you run the risk of being ousted by the others. 

We jumped back in time to the ladies meeting up at the airport to kick-start the trip, and the reception between most of the ladies was frosty. 

After the flight, it emerged that Marlo Hampton’s baggage was lost and that she would probably be spending most of the trip with nothing. 

At the hotel, Kandi was not impressed with the food, prompting Cynthia to say “If Kandi’s not eating, something is wrong.”

Eva subsequently went on to try clear to patch things up with her co-stars so that the trip was not marred by all of the drama. 

“I don’t know why Eva has anything wrong with being shady,” Porsha added. 

“I’m not a stunter. I’m the one that stunts,” explained Porsha.

Things took a heartbreaking turn when Eva got a phone call from back home to let her know that her grandfather had a heart attack and would probably be dead soon. 

It was a freaky turn of events, and the ladies rallied around Eva to help her in her time of need. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues Sundays on Bravo. 

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