‘Thick as mince!’ Hairy Bikers Dave Myers and Si King blast ‘laughable’ US counterparts

US Hairy Bikers on why they make a good team

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Cooking duo Dave Myers, 64, and Si King, 55, revealed what they really thought of the American versions of themselves, when they appeared on the History Channel. The Hairy Bikers stars criticised their US dopplegangers, who they feel do not accurately represent who they are. 

When quizzed by Simon Rimmer about why the Hairy Bikers have never made it big in the States, the pair explained that part of the problem lay in the fact that Americans “couldn’t understand” their accents. 

However, they also revealed that they had in fact sold the Hairy Bikers license to the American History Channel. 

The channel did air their own version of the show for one season, before it was scrapped by the network due to poor viewing figures. 

The US version of the show also entitled Hairy Bikers starred former White House chef Paul Patranella and his motorcycle mechanic friend Bill Allen.

“If anybody wants a good laugh, just look up on YouTube ‘The American Hairy Bikers’,” David said. 

“My god, there’s myself and Si – the American version of us – and we basically owned this.

“So we thought this was the pathway to immense fame and riches.

“But by god when we saw them. First one was, ‘Which one’s me?’

“One was about 35 stone, the other one was thick as mince and they went out with an m16 assault rifle and shot a wild pig and eviscerated it.”

The chef went on to detail the various successful books the Hairy Bikers have released, including Family Cookbook: Mums Know Best!.

With these successes in mind, the stars felt that the American series failed to capture what they were all about. 

David admitted: “We thought, ‘You haven’t really looked at who we are or what we’re doing,’ and needless to say this lasted for one season. Nobody watched it either.”

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The cooks also revealed that viewing figures were less than one million – a poor amount of reach for a show airing on American television to a potential audience of an estimated 119.9 million.

They were somewhat amused to find that the American version of themselves did end up featuring in comedy series South Park. 

Their brief mention on the show comes as part of a gag where a child is watching the History channel only to find that very few of the programmes listed are actually to do with history. 

Si also shared his own amusing anecdote about their experience with the American Hairy Bikers. 

Apparently, a few years ago the cooks were approached by an American couple, who asked if they were the Hairy Bikers. 

When they confirmed this and clarified that they were the English version, the couple replied “good” because their US equivalents “shouldn’t be on TV”.

TV chefs David and Si met in the 1990s and both have backgrounds in television production. 

They first appeared on UK television as presenters of The Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook in 2004 and this show went on to run for four seasons on the BBC.

Following this, they went on to host a range of shows in a format that combined cooking and travelling, including The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain, Hairy Bikers’ Meals on Wheels and Hairy Bikers’ Best of British.

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