Tiger Woods’ 11-Year-Old Son Charlie Acts Just Like His Dad in Amazing Copycat Video – Watch!

Charlie Woods is definitely just like his dad, Tiger Woods!

The 11-year-old son of the 44-year-old tennis pro is making headlines after a video went viral showcasing the incredible similarities between the two, shared by PGA Tour on Wednesday (December 23).

Tiger played alongside his son Charlie in a two-day exhibition event in Orlando, Fla., finishing in seventh overall while making history: Charlie is the youngest player to ever compete in the PNC Championship.

But it wasn’t just his performance overall during the competition that got everyone’s attention, but rather how many of Tiger‘s habits he picked up, from his various stances to the way he twirls his club. You’ve got to see it!

Check out more photos of the father-son duo competing during the championship together.

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