Tiny Cheers On Adorable Daughter Heiress, 2, As She Splashes Around The Pool With Siblings

Go, Heiress, go! Tiny cheered on her super cute daughter as she floated and played with her siblings in the pool over the weekend! Watch the adorable vid!

This is so cute! Tiny Harris cheered on 2-year-old Heiress as her brother, King, helps her float on her back and swim in their backyard pool! “When your pool is getting worked on but you’re a mother so you know how to improvise to make the kids @heiressdharris @majorpharris & the_next_king10 happy!!” The video shows the kids in an above-ground pool, which Tiny obviously set up as their typical pool is being built! King helps Heiress, who wears a pair of hot pink floaties, float on her back and Heiress giggles as she comes back upright! “Big girl!” Tiny applauds as King instructs her to “put your feet out straight.” The pair then played with a water gun, with King commanding his little sister to “put her hands up where I can see them” and she responds, “No!” So much sass!

Later in the video, Major joins his siblings in the pool, hogging all the noodles, which obviously upsets his little sis. Heiress finally gets a noodle, but King is left noodle-less. Nothing like a little family fun day in the pool! Tiny has been sharing so many pictures and videos recently of her young kids, just yesterday posting a video of Heiress cuddling up to a giant teddy bear! This comes after HollywoodLife heard exclusively that Tiny and her hubs T.I. are fighting over putting their kids in the public eye, especially their youngest. After reports that people want to see more of Heiress on TV, Tiny and T.I. are feuding over what to do. “Tiny is starting to consider it because Heiress loves to perform,” a source told HollywoodLife.com. “She’s a natural! Tiny can see how much Heiress loves the spotlight so she feels there’s no harm in nurturing that.” T.I., on the other hand, is not feeling it at all. “Tip has a totally different view. He’s not ready for his baby to be in the spotlight so he’s put his foot down hard on this one.”


There’s no denying, Heiress is totally adorable, and a natural in front of the camera — just look at Tiny’s Instagram feed! We’ll see what happens with that, but in the meantime, if you want more of her, just go on Insta!

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