Tiny Sends T.I. A Message About Underestimating Her: ‘Sleep On Me, I’ll Be Dope When You Wake’

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris took to Instagram on June 24 to post a cryptic but strong message that seems to relate to her issues with T.I. and it proves that she still has confidence despite the difficult times.

Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 42, took to Instagram on June 24 to post a powerful morning message about her confidence and it seems that it could very well be meant for estranged hubby T.I., 37, as they continue to go through a rough time. “Sleep on Me. I’ll still be dope when you wake up,” Tiny’s message read along with the caption, “Good morning”. It’s definitely a reflection of the strength she seems to always possess in hard times and that strength and openness is one of the reasons her fans love her so much.

Tiny’s had to use that strength ever since T.I. made headlines for slapping another woman’s behind on video while backstage when he and Tiny seemed like they were reconciling their tumultuous marriage. Ever since, Tiny’s been posting cryptic messages on social media that definitely seem to reflect her disappointment, including a Father’s Day message in which she didn’t mention T.I., who is the father of three of her children, at all. T.I. also didn’t seem to spend the holiday with the children, further proving there are indeed rocky times going on between the duo.

Tiny and T.I.’s pending divorce was put on hold but the recent difficult times may cause them to end up following through with legal split. Although they haven’t commented publicly on the status of their marriage, it’s clear to see that they both care for each other and are having a tough time making a decision. Only time will tell where they go from here but we continue to wish them happiness and hope they can come to a conclusion that’s fulfilling for both of them.


We’ll wait and see what kind of words Tiny chooses to express next. She always seems to know how to entertain her followers with honesty and inner confidence and we encourage her to continue!

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