Todd Chrisley Tears Into A.G. Jeff Sessions For Using Bible To Back Up Family Separation At The Border

‘Chrisley Knows Best’ star Todd Chrisley had a few things to say as he was approached for comment about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent use of the Bible to back up the administration’s family separation policy

Recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited the Bible when questioned about the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy in separating hundreds of undocumented families crossing the border. There has been a swift backlash against Sessions’ comments from many, and recently Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley shared his thoughts on this as well.

TMZ caught up with Todd Chrisley at the airport in Los Angeles a few days ago and they got quite a bit of input from the Chrisley Knows Best star. As fans of Todd and the show know, he considers himself to be quite religious and he is very comfortable quoting from the Bible himself.

Chrisley said during his chat with the cameraman that he doesn’t “waste time” with Jeff Sessions and what he says, so he noted that in a sense, he’s glad he’s “been spared from all that bullsh*t” of this latest controversy. However, the Chrisley Knows Best star was clearly upset over the idea that the attorney general felt that a passage from the Bible justified the family separation policy.

“The Bible says we should build a wall and we should oppress different nationalities? The Bible doesn’t say that. The Bible says lift your brother up, it doesn’t say stomp them when they’re down.”

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Chrisley said that if the Bible said what Sessions insinuated about how Christians should be submissive to the government, that would probably lead him to question his own faith. The reality television star made it clear that he takes issue with this current policy and how many things are currently being handled by the government. As his brief chat with TMZ continued, Todd added that he wants people to get up off of their couches and get out and make change happen.

“People try to take the Bible and twist it to fulfill their own agendas. And the Bible does not tell you to separate a mother from a child. The Bible does not tell you to separate one nationality over here and another nationality over here. The Bible says to love that brother.”

Todd was calm, cool, and collected as he talked with the TMZ cameraman in the clip. However, the Chrisley Knows Best star was clearly upset about what he was being told about Attorney Jeff Sessions and his use of the Bible in this recent instance.

The reality television star typically keeps things pretty light on his Twitter page and other social media outlets, but his fans know that he almost always has an opinion about things, and he doesn’t usually hesitate to share it if asked. Todd Chrisley definitely didn’t hold back in this instance and he seems to be echoing what many others have felt about this recent incident.

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