Tom DeLonge Offers Praise For New Blink-182 Single

Tom DeLonge has offered praise for Blink-182‘s new single, “Blame It On My Youth.”

The former Blink-182 band member commended them in a post on Instagram after expressing joy over the amazing response to his new song, “Rebel Girl.”

“I thought we would have a lot of amazing fans show up, but I never thought that we would sell stuff out within like 10 minutes,” said the rocker, who currently leads the band Angels and Airwaves.

“You’ll also see the new Blink song,” DeLonge says. “I’m super excited for those guys, it’s cool to see the evolution of their music. You’ll also see Mark’s other band, Simple Creatures. It looks like a little bit of punk rock is seeping through on the national music lovers index,” he added.

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