Tommy Chong Praises Canada For Legalizing Recreational Weed

Tommy Chong is blowing smoke in the face of President Trump‘s supporters and laughing all the way north of the border … ’cause Canada just legalized recreational pot!

Tommy tells TMZ … the United States and the rest of the world needs to get with the program and follow the Canadian trailblazers … because getting blazed is just way too beneficial to be illegal. 

It’s funny … the pothead poster boy says he was supposed to celebrate legalization Wednesday in Canada, but he lost his passport. Typical stoner move. 

Don’t worry, nothing can stop Tommy from taking his first legal toke in his native country … he’s about to embark on a ganja gallop through Canada.

Tommy says he’s been anticipating legalization for years … and he’s already looking into ways to make some green off legal green. 

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