Travis Scott Reacts To Kylie Jenner’s Self-Made Billionaire Status

Travis Scott is proud of his ‘wifey’ Kylie Jenner after she dethroned Mark Zuckerberg as the world’s youngest billionaire!

What do you get a billionaire to celebrate becoming a billionaire? Honestly, no clue, but Travis Scott better figure it out fast! The rapper took to Twitter to congratulate his ‘Queen’ Kylie Jenner after Forbes deemed her the youngest billionaire in the world at the age of 21, officially dethroning Mark Zuckerberg. Travis, 26, shared a snap of Kylie from the Forbes interview on his Twitter with the simple phrase “QUEEN.” This comes just days after Travis was allegedly accused of cheating on his girlfriend of over two years, after Kylie reportedly found incriminating messages in his DMs. According to reports, this led him to ultimately cancel his Astroworld concert in Buffalo; although, Travis has vehemently denied those claims and says he cancelled the show due to being sick.

The “Sicko Mode” rapper did perform his two New York City shows over the weekend, and even gave a shoutout to his “wifey” during his March 2nd show, saying, “I love y’all. Thank y’all for coming out. Astroworld. I love ya, wifey! We out!” Kylie, on the other hand, is really struggling to trust Travis after this little mishap, a source close to the young billionaire told “She has asked the help of a few reliable tour workers to keep an eye on her man. This was Khloe’s idea, she did it first with friends who work on Tristan’s team and who would report back to her while he was on the road working,” the insider said.

We’re sure this is the last thing Kylie wants to worry about, after a whirlwind of drama went down between her former BFF Jordyn Woods, her sister Khloe and Khloe’s ex Tristan Thompson. Now, Kylie is just celebrating and enjoying her status as a billionaire! “It’s the power of social media,” Kylie told Forbes of her milestone. “I had such a strong reach before I was able to start anything… I did what I usually do…and it just worked.” It sure did! Congrats!

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