Tweets About Prince Harry Biting His Lip When He Saw Meghan Markle Are So Relatable

Amidst all the romance of the royal wedding, one unforgettable moment stands out to me in particular that shows just how completely in love Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are. After all, who can forget the now-iconic moment at the wedding altar when Prince Harry whispered “You look amazing,” to his future bride and stopped the hearts of women everywhere? Luckily for us, social media is here to capture all the sweet details that we might have otherwise overlooked, and it’s revealing another totally sexy detail about that whole sweet encounter for us to obsess over. The Tweets about Prince Harry biting his lip when he saw Meghan Markle are here, and they’re so relatable, TBH.

In the age of modern dating where most of us can’t seem to even get a text back, Prince Harry has been setting the bar extra high today. Even if I wasn’t completely envious of Meghan Markle’s fairytale life as a royal, i.e., tea with Queen Elizabeth, royal digs, and that insanely gorgeous tiara, Prince Harry’s heart-melting gestures during their wedding day prove that she’s really about to live her happily ever after.

With the bar for romance set at an all-time low, it’s not surprising that the eagle-eyed Twitterverse has been scanning all of the newlyweds’ interactions and overanalyzing their body language, especially one super senaul move from Prince Harry that’s honestly making me feel hot and bothered. Because if your man doesn’t bite his lip at you, is he even your soulmate?

The incident reportedly occurred when Prince Harry was whispering sweet nothings to his bride, telling her, "You look amazing" as they prepared to exchange their vows. Turns out, the Prince accentuated that statement with a lip bite for the books, and Twitter is now a thirst trap.

Yes. Yes, we do.

All of us tomorrow, as we’re nibbling on crumpets and booking flights to London.

I mean, that look in his eyes says everything.

Could a royal baby be on the way soon? That lip bite says yes.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. If your "it’s complicated" on-again, off-again hookup isn’t biting his lip at you, it’s definitely time to say "Cheerio."

Justin Trudeau, who? It’s Mr. Steal Your Girl, U.K. edition.

Prince Harry’s lip bite seen round the world is only one many subtle gestures today that have me believing in romance again.

My heart started to thaw out when he removed Markle’s veil after the vows and, gazing into her eyes, whispered, simply whispered "Hi." It was full-on melting when he told her, "You look beautiful, " before adding, "I’m so lucky," according to Buzzfeed. Even the "Thank you, Pa," to Prince Charles had me floored. Now, I’m just feeling hot and bothered, and the only remedy is booking a trip to London stat.

Honestly, should we even be surprised?

More to come.

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