’Unimpressed’ Loose Women producers rethink Katie Price’s show future

Returning to work after a few months off is always daunting, but Katie Price made sure her presence was known during a recent Loose Women comeback.

Katie, 40, was back on the award-winning panel show for the first time in six months, after taking a break as she goes through a divorce from third husband Kieran Hayler.

She appeared as a guest, with her new toyboy, Kris Boyson, 29, sat in the audience, but Now has been told the former glamour model was such a nightmare backstage that producers are now questioning whether 
to take her back full time.

‘It looked like Katie gatecrashed the production meeting, which is only usually for panellists – she was a guest that day,’ our insider revealed. ‘It seemed to be a real headache for 
the production team.


‘She brought the camera crew for her reality show and there were so many people, it became 
a health and safety problem behind 
the scenes.’

We’re told the mum-of-five, who is currently filming her reality show, My Crazy Life, was also unable to control her three-year-old daughter, Bunny.


Our source continued: 
‘Not only did Katie bring her camera crew, but she also 
had an entourage of friends 
and boyfriend Kris with her. 
Bunny was running wild and 
it seemed nobody was really trying to control her while 
Katie was on the panel.’

Although Loose Women 
is known for its strong female hosts, could Katie’s drama be 
too much even for them?

‘It definitely seemed like the producers were not impressed with Katie’s behaviour and it might have raised eyebrows over her future on the show,’ the source concluded.

This will likely be a devastating blow for 
Pricey, considering she’s reported to have mounting debts and is even thinking about selling her Sussex mansion in a desperate bid 
to sort out her finances.

Katie revealed she was taking a break from Loose Women in January, as the stress of her mum Amy’s terminal lung condition and discovering that Kieran, 31, had cheated again got too much for her.

She said at the time: ‘For ages, a lot of things were building up. 
I went to my doctor to talk about it. I was embarrassed, I thought 
I didn’t need to go to the doctor.’

Admitting that she wasn’t in 
a good way when he first met her, personal trainer Kris said from the Loose Women audience: ‘She looks totally different. When I met her, I said that 
she looks too skinny, ill and 
old. I said to her: “You need 
to start training”.’


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