Victoria Beckham’s Fading David Beckham Tattoo Sparks Concerns of Marital Woes

While promoting her new Bitten Lip Tint from Victoria Beckham Beauty, the former Spice Girls star flashes her left wrist and nearly faded tattoo of David’s initials on it.

AceShowbiz -Victoria Beckham (previously Victoria Adams) appears to be removing David Beckham tattoo, sparking a speculation that there is trouble in paradise. Fans grow concerned about the couple’s relationship after they noticed her fading tattoo of her husband’s initials.

Recently, the former Spice Girls members did a review video of her new Bitten Lip Tint from Victoria Beckham Beauty. “So this is Je t’aime, the new lip tint,” she said in the video, while applying the new shade on her left wrist. “What I love about this lip tint is you can really build up the color. It’s almost a bit like strawberry color, which I love. But it’s not so red that I can’t wear my signature smokey eye,” she continued promoting the lip tint. “Once it dries, it’s not going anywhere. It looks so natural. I love it.”

“French-girl confidence in an instant! I love how buildable my new #BittenLipTint shade Je t’aime is,” Victoria captioned it. “It feels really fresh and new for autumn and the formula is super hydrating, transfer-free, and perfect for #ParisFashionWeek.”

However, fans’ attention got distracted by the fading tattoo right above where she applied the lip tint. The tattoo is a cursive of David’s initials DB, which she has had since their 10th anniversary.

“Why did you get your tattoo removed Victoria? Just fascinated,” one eagle-eyed fan commented under the video. Another asked, “Forgive me for my ignorance but is that a Tatoo you have had lasered.”

Another curious person noted, “Of all the people to pick on with tattoos she picks him and now removed it.” Seemingly concerned, a fourth person inquired, “Is everything ok? Where are your tattoos?”

While Victoria has not responded to the fans’ question, a source close to the couple tells TMZ there are no marital issues between the longtime spouses. It’s just that the 48-year-old has recently had several tattoos removed from her body.

The speculation about Victoria and David’s possible marital issues arrives after she cracked a saucy joke about her husband’s “sticky stuff.” When she narrated a video of the former soccer star collecting honey from bee hives at their £6 million Cotswolds estate, the singer-turned-fashion designer said, “So, I’m here with David while he collects his sticky stuff… he’s about to release his sticky stuff. His new batch of sticky stuff.”

In another video, the 48-year-old mother of four again repeatedly referenced David’s “sticky stuff,” adding, “So, I’ve got the sticky stuff. Just gonna go and sample it, let you know what David’s sticky stuff tastes like – mark it out of 10, and I’ll let you know.”

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