The Video Of Kelly Clarkson’s 2018 Billboard Music Awards Opener Is Jaw-Dropping

I knew I was super excited for Kelly Clarkson to host the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, and boy did she deliver. The video of Kelly Clarkson’s 2018 Billboard Music Awards opener is jaw-dropping. She brought the house down.

Clarkson could have just opened the show by belting out one of her many hits. Instead, though, she decided to really celebrate the occasion and cover some of the biggest names on the music scene right now. There were so many A-list tracks in there, it was hard to keep up. The pop superstar served up some Cardi B, Bruno Mars, Imagine Dragons, Khalid, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, and there was even some Taylor Swift in the mix.

The crowd went wild when Clarkson suddenly busted out Kendrick Lamar’s "Be Humble," with a diva twist. Then she parlayed into Imagine Dragons "Thunder" and a quick swerve to Khalid’s "Young Dumb & Broke."

Of course everyone watching at home loved it, but everyone in the audience — including the artists she was covering were totally living for it!

Here, just look at them living for it (Khalid’s pure excitement is my favorite):

Here’s a closer look at BTS living for it:

… and a closer look at Mendez and T Swift living for it (also peep Swift serving up some of that "Look What You Made Me Do" tude):

Honestly, I could watch Clarkson cover Billboard artists for days. Maybe weeks. Okay, months.

But before any of that, Clarkson opened the show up by taking a moment to talk about the May 18 school shooting in Santa Fe, texas that killed 10 victims. The whole MGM GRand was dark as Clarkson stood there and said,

The singer went on to say that the BBMAs wanted her to do a moment of silence, but she’s sick of them. "It’s not working, obviously,’ she said. Clarkson instead offered that we should stop moments of silence and "do moments of action." She said,

Clarkson’s heartfelt speech went on to say that everyone needs to do better because they are failing their children and communities. She appealed the everyone as a mother, herself, and urged everyone to take action to bring about change. The "Piece by Piece" singer said,

It’s a night to celebrate music, but what’s going on in the world can’t be ignored. Clarkson did an exceptional job at taking the time to mourn for what happened in Santa Fe, and then also doing her hosting duties by presenting everyone with an amazing night of music and awards. I think she was the perfect choice for the night. Clarkson truly killed it as host, she can host everything, if you ask me.

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