WATCH: Love Island’s Jack Fowler gets a BIG surprise from Stormzy

Whilst our obsession with Love Island has hit record highs, we take comfort in the fact we’re not the only ones living for 9pm every night.

In fact, we’re actually pretty great company – as Stormzy is in exactly the same boat as the rest of us.

And, just like us, Stormzy also has his villa favourites – so much so, the rapper *actually* went as far as to make sure he was at the arrivals gate for when Jack Fowler and Laura Crane touched back down in Blighty.

Okay, maybe Stormzy wasn’t at the airport *just* for Jack and Laura…. but he sure as heck made a big effort with the Islander duo!

Just imagine getting off the plane to none other than Stormzy….

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In a video shared to Twitter, Jack has the shock of his life as Stormzy bounds over to him.

The pair then embrace each other as they share a chuckle, before Stormzy then turns his affections to Jack’s partner Laura.

Fans have been quick to comment on the pretty incred vid. One user writes, ‘Stormzy – Love Island fan  Brilliant!’.

Another writes: ‘Jack meeting stormzy is the cutest thing ever’.

Another shares: ‘As if Jack was met by Stormzy, at the airport, when he came back from the villa. Goals.’

Laura has also reposted the video, with the caption: ‘We are home what a welcome so crazy so overwhelmed so thankful’.

Stormzy has been quite a big part of Love Island, even going as far as to make cameo appearance during last years series.

As Chris Hughes, Kem Cetinay and Marcel Somerville were rehearsing their boyband for a talent show in the villa,  Stormzy had appeared via live link on the TV screen – offering the musical duo career advice for the future.

Can Stormzy welcome us back from every holiday from now on, please?!


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