We Need To Talk About Shirtless Brad Pitt In "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" Because…Damn

In case you hadn’t heard, Quentin Tarantino’s 9th film — Once Upon a Time in Hollywood — just came out this weekend.

For context, *mild spoilers* Brad hops up on Leo’s roof to fix his antenna and, because of the ~hot~ So-Cal sun, he pulls off his shirts. Still shirtless, he takes a moment to listen to music coming from the neighbor’s house (the Tates), and then makes us all wish we still had antennas that could be broken and need fixing.

For a reminder folks, Brad is 55. FIFTY FIVE.

And, yes, Brad was also really great in the movie, so ya know…shirtlessness aside, this is a two thumbs up, highly recommend situation.

In closing: 2019 Brad Pitt can still very much get it.

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