Wendy Williams Allegedly Hospitalized for Being Suicidal and Refusing to Eat

Rumor has it, the ‘Wendy Williams Show’ host is battling extreme depression as she broke down after having a row with her only son Kevin Hunter, Jr. during the lockdown.

AceShowbiz -A couple of weeks after announcing hiatus, Wendy Williams is rumored to have a meltdown. According to Tasha K who previously exposed Kevin Hunter‘s affairs and secret baby drama, Wendy was taken to New York Presbyterian hospital for trying to kill herself.

The 55-year-old television show host checked in to the hospital under a fake name. She reportedly talked to herself, barely slept, paced around, and refused to eat and drink. Her head was shaved as doctors in the neurology department were monitoring her brain.

According to the blogger, Wendy started to lose her mind after Kevin’s infidelities were revealed to public. Although she filed for divorce, she didn’t really want to leave him because she loved him very much. So when the divorce was finalized early this year and Kevin walked away with $12 million in his pocket and got together with his baby mama, she became depressed.

Things only got worse when her only son, Kevin Hunter, Jr., was reportedly “brainwashed” and turned against her by her ex-husband. Kevin Jr. initially took her mom’s side when his parents split but he later switched sides and Wendy couldn’t take it anymore. She broke down during the quarantine.

Condemning Kevin for putting Wendy through a lot of emotional manipulation and distress, Tasha warned him about karma. The blogger hinted that his baby mama Sharina lied and cheated on him too just like he had done to Wendy. Kevin was apparently wary and asked Tasha for receipt.

Meanwhile, now that her son is not talking to her, Wendy only has her boyfriend Dr. Darrin Porcher but sadly the doctor allegedly only used her to get a spot on television.

In the official statement earlier in May, Wendy’s representative claims the host was treated for Graves’ disease. She herself first revealed about her health issues back in 2018, explaining that the disease was an autoimmune disease that affected the thyroid.

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