Wendy Williams Slams R. Kelly After Accuser Claims He Allegedly Gave Her Herpes

Wendy Williams thinks R. Kelly just ‘needs to lie on that sword,’ after he was accused yet again of alleged sexual, mental and physical abuse by a young woman. Here’s what she had to say about the latest accusations against the singer.

“Where’s the cops?” Wendy Williams, 53, asked during her show on May 22 after R. Kelly, 51, was accused of alleged sexual, mental and physical abuse by another young woman. Adding to the list of women who have accused the singer of sexual misconduct, a Texas woman, Faith Rodgers filed a criminal complaint against Kelly for sexual battery and “willfully, deliberately and maliciously” giving her herpes. “How long will it take before another young lady comes out and then they can ban together and call Gloria Allred or her daughter?” Wendy asked, adding, “R. Kelly, you need to lie on that sword, honestly.” 

Rodgers filed suit with the Dallas Police Department claiming Kelly “mentally, sexually and verbally” abused her over the course of their year-long relationship when she was 19. Rodgers claims she met Kelly after his concert in San Antonio, Texas in March 2017. “He was like, ‘Here is my number. Take it. Text me a picture of you so I know it’s you with your name,” Rodgers told the news organization.

After two months of phone calls, texting, and FaceTiming, she alleges he flew her to New York to attend one of his shows, even paying for her hotel. The next morning after she arrived, Rodgers claims Kelly showed up to her hotel room.

“He turns on all the lights… And he’s like, ‘Take off your clothes,’ recalled to CBS This Morning during her first television interview on May 22. “And he says it, you know, with authority in his voice. Not just, you know, he’s demanding me to do this. And I didn’t take off my clothes because why would I? I just wasn’t ready….Sex isn’t something, you know, I’m ready for,” she said.

Rodgers admitted she ultimately “submitted” to having sex with Kelly upon his arrival, despite not wanted to engage in the act. She also alleges Kelly recorded the encounter on his iPad, without her consent. “He has this type of, like, intimidation right off the bat. You know? So I was just waiting for it to be over,” Rodgers said.

“He comes over and he starts, like, rubbing the side of my face,” Rodgers said of what allegedly happened after her claims that they had sex. “And he asked me how old I was. And I told him… And he’s like, ‘You know, if you’re really, you know, 16, that you can tell daddy, right?’… And he was like, ‘You know, you just look about 14, 15, or 16.’”

During their alleged relationship, Rodgers claims Kelly advised her to call him “daddy” and would lock her in a van for hours at a time. Rodgers claims Kelly even introduced her to one of the five women Kelly allegedly said he was “raising.”

“The first time… I was left in the car for a total of eight hours that night… And the child lock was on the car,” Rodgers recalled. “He goes on to tell me that he raises five women. Some of them had been with him for 15 years,” she said. “And he basically was trying to make it seem like it was a family thing. He described these women as being his family. Then he goes on to tell me, ‘You know what? I love you because you remind me of them.’”

Rodgers believes Kelly was preparing her to join a group of women she alleges he lives and travels with. She believes Kelly “pursues teenage/underage” girls and “lures” them into engaging in sex acts,” CBS This Morning writes.

For decades R. Kelly has been under suspicion for his alleged relations to young girls. Multiple women have come forward over the years with accusations of sexual abuse by the singer.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Kelly says the accusations, “perpetuated by the media,” are an “attempt to distort my character and to destroy my legacy that I have worked so hard to build.”

If it were up to Wendy Williams, “R. Kelly is apparently very guilty of a whole lot of things,” she said on her show. “The law just has to catch up to the accusations… I think by her [Rodgers] coming out and giving such a stirring interview that more girls will probably come out an tell their story… I think they’ll be more,” Williams continued.

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