What Brought 'Sons of Anarchy' Star Charlie Hunnam and Chris Hemsworth Together in Australia

After playing one of the toughest characters in the history of television, Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam has grown accustomed to the fight scene. And that’s exactly what brought him to Australia over the weekend. The Sons of Anarchy star was spotted in Melbourne on Saturday where he joined his fellow celebrity, Chris Hemsworth, at UFC 243.

Charlie Hunnam spotted at ringside

This weekend, Hunnam enjoyed the matches at the UFC event andseemed very interested in what was going on inside the octagon. Hunnam was oneof several celebrities in the crowd, including Hemsworth and his wife, ElsaPataky.

According to the DailyMail, Hunnam rocked a casual look for the fights, including a pair of darkjeans, a black beanie, and a striped jacket. He also donned his usual scruffybeard and wasn’t sitting far from Hemsworth and Pataky.

The UFC appearance comes as Hunnam has been busy filming a number of new projects. This includes his upcoming movie with Matthew McConaughey called The Gentlemen. The actor, who rose to prominence playing Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy, is also slated to return to the world of television.

Hunnam is set to play the lead in a new show from Apple called Shantaram. The series is an adaption ofa book by Gregory David Robert, which centers on an escaped convict who startsa new life in India’s underworld.

The Sons of Anarchystar has not commented on his upcoming projects, but we could not be moreexcited about seeing him back in action.

Inside Charlie Hunnam’s next project

While Hunnam has been keeping busy, Guy Ritchie recently openedup about The Gentleman, revealingexactly what fans can expect when the movie premieres this January.

The movie, which stars Hunnam, McConaughey, Michelle Dockery,Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, and Henry Golding, is about an American who built animpressive marijuana business in the heart of London.

The drama kicks into high gear after the American reveals hisplans to get out of the weed business, starting a chain of events that includesbribery, violence, and a good deal of blackmail.

Ritchie, who worked with Charlie Hunnam on King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and his coming off another blockbuster in Aladdin, hopes that The Gentleman is a return to his roots.

But because he filmed Aladdinand The Gentleman at the same time,it was difficult going between movies that are completely different. Based onhis interview, however, it sounds like he nailed it.

The Gentleman is due intheaters on January 24.

Chris Hemsworth and Pataky enjoy UFC bout

Hunnam, of course, was not the only celebrity at UFC 243.Hemsworth and his wife, Pataky, also enjoyed the fights ringside in what turnedout to be a unique date for the couple.

The Avengers: Endgame star and Pataky, who have been married for close to a decade, flew to Melbourne from their home in Byron Bay. They also scored the best seats in the house and were nothing but smiles throughout the event.

Pataky looked like her usual gorgeous self in a black top andgold accessories. Chris Hemsworth, meanwhile, went with a more casual look anddonned a white t-shirt and black hat.

The couple moved back to Australia in 2014 because they wanted toget out of the bright lights of Hollywood. So far, the two love being back inAustralia, mainly because they can be themselves without worrying about beingin the spotlight.

In a recent interview, the Thorstar opened up about making the big move and admitted that it was the rightdecision for his family.

“Moving back to Australia was a very good decision for us,”Hemsworth shared. “There I can be with people and talk about things that havenothing to do with the film business.”

Hemsworth also has a busy filming schedule ahead of him. Apartfrom a cameo in the upcoming Jay andSilent Bob Reboot, Hemsworth will be prepping for his return as Thor inMarvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder,which is set to open in theaters in 2021.

Now if only Chris Hemsworth can stay out of his brother, LiamHemsworth’s, drama with Miley Cyrus then everything would be perfect. Unfortunately,that is easier said than done.

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