What Is Vush? The Sex Toy In Cardi B’s "Up" Video Has Fans Curious

Cardi B has a way of getting people talking, and when her new music video for "Up" arrived on Feb. 5, it was the ultimate conversation starter. The clip was chock full of steamy scenes, and like the business woman she is, Cardi included an ad in the video. After seeing the rapper show off a shiny sex toy in "Up," everyone is asking: What is Vush?

Cardi didn’t say anything about her sex toy, but she didn’t need to. After just a few seconds of screen time, Twitter was filled with curious tweets about the new vibrator brand Cardi had endorsed. "I am trying to figure out what vibrator line is in Cardi b’s video tho," one fan tweeted. "It’s cardi bringing out the vibrator for me," another said.

Fans who were ~inspired~ to get one of the toys for themself will have to shell out the big bucks. The Vush vibrator is called the Majesty 2, and it will run you $120. That being said, Cardi’s stamp of approve is worth a lot in itself.

According to Vush, the Majesty 2 "is an incredible wand vibrator that’s about to shake up the way you play." The Majesty 2 is part of a new generation line of toys, and is now available for pre-order. "Cardi B loves it, don’t you want to find out why?" the brand insists.

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