What the hell is Terrence Howard on about during truly baffling interview

Empire’s Terrence Howard has us all scratching our heads over the most bizarre interview we’ve seen in a good while.

We should note we look at and partake in a lot of bizarre interviews.

Punters have been left wondering WTF happened during Terrence’s red carpet interview at the Emmys on Sunday night, when the actor descended into a baffling chat bout ‘platonic solids’ and ‘the science that Pythagoras was searching for’.

Yes, for some reason, the artist who just received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame is making us relive our horrid maths classes by talking about trig theories.

Doubling down on his insistence he was hanging up his acting robe for good following the last series of Empire, the 50-year-old told interviewers: ‘I mean everyone keeps trying to tell me “don’t say it’s forever”. But I spent 37 years pretending to be people that people can pretend to watch and enjoy…when I’ve made some discoveries in my personal life with the science that Pythagoras was searching for.’

Okay? Please, continue.

‘I was able to open up the flower of life properly,’ he went on. ‘And find the real wave conjugations that we’ve been looking for, for 10,000 years. Why would I continue walking on water for tips, when I’ve got a whole generation to teach a whole new world?’

Is he talking about acting here? Dafaq are ‘wave conjugations’?

He said: ‘All energy in the universe is expressed in motion, all motion is expressed in waves, all waves are curves so where does the straight line come from to make the platonic solids?’

You know, he’s got us there.

‘So when I took the flower of life and opened it properly I found all new wave conjugations that expose the in between spaces…’ Terrance continued, with the interviewers trying to keep up with his wave conjugations.

Additionally, Terrence said he was on a mission ‘to prove that gravity is only an effect, not a force.’

How very Newton of him.

And he’s going to let everyone know about his upcoming experiences on YouTube, which is handy for anyone who wants to keep up with Science With Terrence.

‘I’m putting something on YouTube where I will build the planet Saturn without gravity,’ he claimed. ‘And build the Milky Way Galaxy without gravity.’

That’s a mighty fine endeavour and won’t we have egg on our faces if he actually pulls it off…

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