’What we did was wrong’: Little Mix forced to issue ’public apology’ – but it’s not what it seems! – CelebsNow

Following the release of their new single Woman Like Me, Little Mix have offered up a ‘public apology’ to fans.

In a video shared by Captial FM, the ladies, Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson and Leigh-Anne Pinnock, announced that they are making a ‘public service announcement’.

The girls then go on to confess that they made a ‘continuous lapse in judgement’, before Perrie confessed that, ‘we don’t expect to be forgiven’.


So what’s going on?! Never fear, as things aren’t exactly as they seem. In fact, the ‘apology’ video is actually a hilariously tongue-in-cheek joke amongst the group and their fans.

In the video, Jesy continued, saying: ‘We just want to apologise.’ Before Jade explained: ‘What we did was wrong – we shouldn’t have snatched your wigs’.

The clip also showed an LBC radio presenter revealing that: ‘A pandemic has been sweeping the nation, as Little Mix fans have been losing their wigs over the ladies’ new single, Woman Like Me.’

It also continued to show funny social media clips of fans claiming to be devastated after ‘losing their wigs’, after hearing the song on the radio.

Now, if you’re confused, never fear. According to Capital FM, to lose your wig means to be so amazed by something that your hair literally flies off your head, suggesting the girls’ fans have been left gob-smacked (in a good way) by their latest single. You learn something new every day!

Fans were left in hysterics over Little Mix’s cheeky apology video, with many saying they were worried before watching it. One said: ‘BAHAHAHA I WAS SO CONCERNED’.

And another commented: ‘HAHAHAH this is the best video I’ve ever seen on the internet?? I can’t even?’

A third also wrote: ‘still listening this awesome song ? i think my wig also snatched ?’

The girl group continued with their ‘apology’, saying, ‘We’re sorry to our family, our friends, our Mixers. But most of all, people we’ve left bald’.

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