What's Going On With Britney Spears' Topless Instagram Photos??

In case you missed it — and goodness knows, we don’t know how you could if you’re a reader of this site — Britney Spears posted one of the most provocative things she’s put on Instagram yet a couple days ago.

No, not calling out her sister for being fake and biting her career (though that was some juicy goss for sure!). No, we’re talking about going topless!

Just as she was starting to talk about not keeping silent anymore following her successful testimony against her allegedly abusive conservatorship, she also decided she wasn’t going to be held back on her social media.

While she obviously had plenty of sexy dancing pics and vids up before, she’d never pushed IG to its limits the way some other celebs do on a regular basis.

But now that she’s feeling herself a little more, figuratively speaking, she apparently felt confident enough to feel herself literally with this semi-nude pic on Friday!


A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears)

After the post was a big hit with fans and friends alike (with Paris Hilton officially declaring, “That’s hot”), she posted again just a day or so later, this time moving her strategically placed hands out of the way — in favor of stars. She even put little star emojis in her caption.

Then… the post disappeared. It was replaced quickly with another post of the EXACT same pic and the EXACT same caption.

Then… that post disappeared. And on Tuesday afternoon it popped up for the third time in a row. Here it is (below), assuming it hasn’t been deleted again:


A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears)

Sooo… what is going on??

The way we see it, there are three possibilities here:

First, this could be Britney being a perfectionist and trying new things. It wouldn’t be the first time, like when she posted that photo of her back, minus the neck tattoo. Maybe she’s taking down the photo herself and adjusting minor details we’re not even picking up on, only to repost when she’s happier with it?

Second, this could be Instagram censoring her. We all know how seriously they take nipples — and their choices of whose posts to delete and when seem pretty arbitrary. So even while gurl is covered up with her own luminescent censoring, this could be IG giving her a stamp of disapproval, causing her to have to re-edit to upload again, this time with, well, brighter stars.

Photo: Halsey Dares Instagram To Censor Bare Breast

And then there’s the third, most controversial option: someone is taking the photos down, and someone is putting them back up.

This is the one quite a few fans have voiced in the comments section, writing:

“I’m guessing someone is deleting this picture and she is reposting it??”

“Or she’s deleting it and someone else is reposting.”

“someone is trying to sabotage her my guess”

“who’s playing with your ig rn”

“for gods sake wtf is going on?”

There’s already been suspicion, based on a lot of evidence over the past few months, that someone else has the reins on Britney’s Instagram feed — and has been putting up safe, Britney-like posts to make it seem like she’s happy and healthy.

Her latest, more raw uploads seem to back up that theory — unless of course it’s just like we said before, more confidence.

BUT what if someone else does have control of her IG at the same time as she does? And they don’t want her to post something this close to fully nude? She has already told us her conservators have oppressed her sexuality in at least one way, forcing her to remain on birth control against her will. Couldn’t this just be seen as an extension of that?

The other option some fans have argued is that this kind of post makes the Toxic singer look bad, and “they” are posting it against her will, with her taking it down each time. Honestly, that one makes less sense to us if we’re being honest, but who knows?

If we had to guess we’d go with our first guess and say Britney is the one trying to get the pic exactly right. After all, she’s not that innocent — but she can be that much of a perfectionist!

What do YOU think is going on here?? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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