Wilmer Valderrama Worried Demi Lovato’s New Romance Would Be Bad Influence on Her Sobriety

Wilmer Valderrama is concerned about Demi Lovato‘s well-being after pictures emerged showing her hanging out with designer Henry Levy following her latest rehab stint. The “Charming” voice actor is reportedly “sad and disappointed” to see her with someone new, but it’s not jealousy. Instead, the 38-year-old is genuinely worried about his former girlfriend, particularly after learning of her alleged new boyfriend Henry’s background.

The clothing guru, who has been spotted with the former Disney darling twice since she completed her 90-day stint in treatment, has been “in an out of rehab since he was a teen,” according to TMZ. “Wilmer doesn’t know too much about this new guy Demi is seeing, but from what he has heard, he is already freaking out,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com.

Wilmer allegedly also wishes that Demi would focus more on her sobriety and thinks that it’s not the right time for a new romance. The source says, “He wishes that, after her near fatal incident, Demi would take her sobriety more seriously and make her health her top priority.”

The source further explains, “Wilmer feels jumping into a new relationship is not the healthiest decision for Demi right now, so he worries for her and fears she will be hurt again or end up back in the hospital again or worse.”

A second source echoes the sentiment, “As soon as Wilmer heard that Demi was hanging out with Henry, alarm bells immediately started ringing. Even though he doesn’t know the guy personally, he’s heard enough things about him to believe he may not be the best influence on Demi. Especially right now when she’s still in recovery and in a pretty fragile and vulnerable state.”

Despite his concern, Wilmer allegedly realizes that with his status as Demi’s ex, he would only cause misunderstanding if he gave her any dating advice right now. Thus, the “NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service” star chose to “keep his mouth shut and say nothing.” The source adds, “Wilmer isn’t Demi’s caretaker anymore though, he can’t fix her, or save her-that was one of the major issues they had when they dated previously.”

Demi was first spotted with Henry on Saturday night, November 3 in Beverly Hills, laughing and holding hands while enjoying dinner at Matsuhisa restaurant. They were seen leaving the eatery in the same car.

Later on Sunday night, the duo were seen grabbing coffee in West Hollywood. They once again showed an affectionate display, with Demi putting her arm around Henry’s waist. The founder of Enfants Riches Deprimes, meanwhile, draped his arm over her shoulder.

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