Women Educate Trump With Powerful #WhyIDidntReport Stories

Donald Trump finally showed his true colors Friday morning.

Instead of quietly lying that he couldn’t tell the FBI to investigate the accusations of attempted rape against Brett Kavanaugh, he finally acted like the Donald we all know too well.

He attacked his SCOTUS nominee’s accuser on Twitter, implying her claim must be false because she didn’t report it when it happened three decades ago.

That’s when women responded en masse with #WhyIDidntReport.

Celebrities, politicians, women young and old, even one of Trump’s accusers shared their stories of being assaulted — and the fear that kept them silent.

Alyssa Milano got the ball rolling with her own admission before the hashtag got started:

Then later added:

Others wrote:


Some used the opportunity to talk about what happened when they did…


Now do you see??

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