‘World Of Dance’ Preview: Sean & Kaycee Take On Final Cuts With An Emotional & Stunning Performance

Before heading into another round of Final Cuts this week on ‘World of Dance,’ we have an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of Junior all-star duo Sean & Kaycee!

Sean & Kaycee continue to slay on World of Dance and it’s looking like this week will be no different! The teenage duo brought their A-game to final cuts in this EXCLUSIVE sneak preview leading up to this week’s episode. In the clip, Kaycee began the routine by excitedly walking through a sea of dimly lit lightbulbs, while Sean crouched on the stage and awaits her. Dancing to James Arthur‘s “Can I Be Him,” the talented pair continued their theme of storytelling through the choreography. The emotions were fierce as Kaycee performed with a smile on her face, and Sean appeared to be down and longing for her. Judges Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough each oooh-ed and ahhh-ed with every intentional move Sean & Kaycee made throughout the routine. As the music picked up, Sean & Kaycee broke out into a series of jumps and turns before finding each other again and meeting in the middle under the stage under a single, unlit light bulb.

Emotions ran high as the pair continued to make their way around the stage with sharp choreography that has set them apart from the rest this entire season. In the end, Sean and Kaycee finish in the center stage and look up at the lightbulb that flickers on. Yes, so incredibly powerful. “Our main goal in the competition, from the very beginning, was just portraying our way of storytelling and kind of influencing the audience with parts and impacting their lives within the way of our dancing,” Sean told HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview ahead of the duo’s Duel round. Kaycee added that this experience has made she and Sean even closer. “I’ve gotten to see how Sean works. He does all the choreography for our pieces, and it’s just really cool to see how we worked together and how things flowed on stage,” she revealed. “I’ve really gotten to see us unfold and become greater friends.”

So sweet! Be sure to tune into World of Dance the Final Cuts on Wednesday, August 29th, at 9 PM ET to see what the judges think of Sean & Kaycee’s performance!

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