Would Simon Pegg Reunite With Tom Cruise To Film A Movie in Space?

Simon Pegg would maybe say yes to reuniting with Tom Cruise to film a movie in space.

Tom made headlines earlier this year when he teamed up with NASA and Elon Musk to pitch a movie that would be filmed in space.

NASA later confirmed that they have had talks with Tom about the movie.

NASA Administrator James Bridenstine revealed that the agency would be using the movie to inspire young kids to get into aerospace.

“If we can get Tom Cruise to inspire an elementary kid to join the Navy and be a pilot, why can’t we get Tom Cruise to inspire the next Elon Musk? That’s what we need,” he had said. “We need a new generation of many Elon Musks. That’s what we’re doing with our launch [and the film]. It’s all about the next generation.”

Now, Simon is opening up about rejoining his Mission Impossible co-star for it.

“I’d love to go into space, it would be amazing! But you know, you have to also think about your family and safety and stuff,” he shared with NME.

He added, “Tom never does anything recklessly and all of his stunts are meticulously designed, rehearsed and trained for. If he does it, it will be really safe. So, I don’t know, you never know.”

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