Wow, Nyle DiMarco's Netflix and Chill Go-To Has Me Wanting to Ask Him on a Date, Like, ASAP

Who doesn’t love it when celebs dish some wild tea? In Cosmo‘s video series, Through My Queue, we get a bunch of stars to talk about their favorite shows. Yeah, okay, it may seem a bit basic and uninteresting at first, but believe me…it gets real juicy. Like in this episode, actor and model Nyle DiMarco talked about his go-to Netflix and chill show and, just, wow. I’m gonna need him to ask me on a date ASAP. 😏

If you just need something on the TV to help you fall asleep, our mans Nyle suggests to put on Avatar: The Last Airbender. What a classique. And if you need a documentary at the top of your head to recommend to people at a fancy party, he says to go with Unnatural Selection. He wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but he said it’d make you look smart!

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