X Factor’s Honey G reveals incredible weight loss after dropping a stone

We all know Honey G as the shell suit clad, ‘hip-hop’ rapper from The X Factor who just LOVES a pair of sunglasses, right?

But lately, the reality star has undergone a pretty big transformation after ditching the shiny bomber jackets and dropping a load of weight.

Honey G – aka Anna Georgette Gilford – lost more than a stone in just two months after cutting out carbohydrates.

Showing off her new slim figure, the rapper has been posting a load of snaps on Instagram including THIS chic photo wearing none other than Victoria Beckham.

Honey G wearing @victoriabeckham for Wedding in Los Angeles.

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And the telly star vows not to stop her healthy lifestyle until she achieves a ‘flat stomach’, telling The Sun: ‘I’ve wanted to lose weight for a really long time and it’s mainly been my stomach fat’.

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‘I’ve lost quite a lot of weight on my legs as well. For a long time I’ve not been able to fit into clothes I’ve wanted to fit into. Now I’m wearing a belt to hold my clothes up because I don’t fit into some of them any more.’

‘One day hopefully I’ll be able to put a bikini hopefully’, she continued.

‘At the moment I still don’t feel like I can wear a bikini because I’m not confident enough. But I still thinner than I was and I feel more confident in my body and when I’m walking around, getting in the pool, getting out of the pool.’

So, what exactly has the star been doing to achieve such impressive results? Well, apparently she’s cut-out bread, rice and pasta from her meals and swapped it for a load of vegetables and protein.

She’s also completely cut out Diet Cola and now only drinks soda water.

Clearly impressed with her hard work, 37-year-old Honey G has been relaxing on holiday in the States and shared a sun-kissed picture of herself in a pool in LA.

Last Day on holiday in Los Angeles. Enjoying the ultimate form of Privacy.

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‘Last Day on holiday in Los Angeles. Enjoying the ultimate form of Privacy’, she wrote next to the snap.

Looking good, Honey G!

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