Yes, Beyonce's Former Drummer Filed Legal Documents Saying The Singer Is Controlling Her With Witchcraft

Thompson claims the singer is controlling her finances using magic

Most people around the world know that singer-songwriter Beyoncé has topped the charts many times in her illustrious career, but now her former drummer is alleging that’s only part of the singer’s power. Kimberly Thompson not only says that Beyoncé practices “extreme witchcraft,” but she has asked the court for protection from Beyoncé’s reach through magic.

Page Six says that Thompson tried to get a restraining order to protect her from Beyoncé’s magical pull. The drummer has also filed a lawsuit that states that she has been using magic to “run surveillance and control Thompson’s finances”.

Thompson added that through the use of “dark magic,” the singer has cast spells to create a “campaign of harassment” and to cause “sexual molestation.”

A judge has denied the request for the restraining order, even though Thompson insists that the “Lemonade” singer “murdered her kitten.”

The Blast broke the story that Beyoncé’s former drummer seems to be in a crisis, saying that all of her relationships have crashed and burned, and the singer is the driving force behind the negativity through her use of witchcraft. In the documents, Thompson says she worked for Beyoncé for years, and knows what she’s talking about.

The most sensible statement on the document is in response to a question about how she knows the accused.

“I worked for her as her drummer for her band for 7 years.”

The drummer says that her phone has been tapped, but gives no reason as to why Beyoncé would be doing such things. Neither Beyoncé’s camp nor Thompson was willing to comment on the matter, but the drummer has been posting YouTube videos recently that feature her looking disheveled and talking about “mean people.”

The Daily Mail says there is no mention as to why the judge denied the restraining order but believes it’s likely because much of the documentation wasn’t lucid, and frequently mentioned witchcraft and mind control. There is also no clear reason as to why Beyoncé and Thompson parted ways professionally, and whether or not the drummer was fired, or if she quit after working for the singer for seven years.

Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z have seven more concerts to go in their ongoing tour, which started off in Wales. The singer has been active on Instagram, posting photos from her concerts — including a collage of pics from her hometown concert — and sharing with fans how happy she’s been touring the world.

“I’m doing what I love most with whom I love most. I wish it could never end,’ she added. ‘Feeling thankful for all of the love from our fans around the world.”

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