Yes Guitarist Steve Howe Calls Reunion ‘Completely Unthinkable’

Yes guitarist Steve Howe has declared that a reunion tour by the band is “completely unthinkable.”

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Howe said, “I don’t think [fans] should stay up late nights worrying about [a reunion].
There’s just too much space out there between people. To be in a band together or even to do another tour like Union is completely unthinkable.”

“It was difficult when we went through that, particularly because of the personalities,” Howe said to referring to 1990 Union LP and tour. “I’m not saying any one person is to blame, but when you get a big hodgepodge like that together, it’s pretty much a nightmare. We made a nightmare of possibly a good thing back in 1990. I don’t think there is the stamina or the appetite for that kind of thing again.”

Howe last toured with frontman Jon Anderson and keyboardist Rick Wakeman in 2004. When Yes toured in 2008, Howe, drummer Alan White, and bassist Chris Squire were joined by Rick’s son Oliver Wakeman and former Yes tribute band singer Benoît David.

In 2017, the musicians performed together in celebration of Yes’ induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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