Younes Bendjima Reportedly Tipped Off Paparazzi About Kourtney Kardashian Meeting!!

Younes Bendjima is out here trying to squeeze out every last drop of his fifteen minutes of fame!

The model, who Kourtney Kardashian dumped weeks ago, was caught on camera Monday night meeting with her in a Malibu restaurant parking lot.

It was a curious sight — we explicitly wondered at the time how Kourt could be so oblivious as to meet in a public place with the windows rolled down in the car so paparazzi could see in — and now, we’re getting some answers about that.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ they believe Younes himself set up the meeting and tipped off paparazzi that they’d be there, so as to ensure pictures would get snapped.

The sources go even further as to note that Kourt’s sisters — Kim and Khloe — believe this to be a desperate plan by Bendjima to remain relevant and in the spotlight. The random meeting occurred in the parking lot of a sushi spot the pair had never been to (WTF?) and, again, why else leave the windows rolled down??

LOLz!!! How pathetic, dude!

But that’s not all: Kim & Khlo believe Younes tipped off the paparazzi a LOT while he and Kourt were dating, because photogs would show up at random places that there’s no other way they could have known about in advance.

Thirsty!! Sounds like Younes was addicted to the publicity and thought he might be able to help his career with it!

Nice try, Younes!!!

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