Young Dolph Murder Case Sees Feds Turning to Informants to Crack Case

Federal agents investigating Young Dolph‘s murder are hoping their informants can help them crack the case … but so far, the information provided hasn’t led to any suspects or arrests.

Sources with direct knowledge of the investigation tell TMZ … federal agents recently interviewed informants about Dolph’s shooting death in Memphis, resulting in a few new leads.

While we’re told there are no solid suspects yet, the feds are hoping the information gleaned from their informants will lead them in the right direction to eventually make a probable cause arrest.

Meanwhile, investigators from the Memphis Police Department are also probing the case and talking to their sources on the street.

Memphis PD Sgt. Louis Brownlee tells TMZ … cops have received quite a few tips on Young Dolph’s murder, and while investigators have followed up on that info, there hasn’t been anything to lead to an arrest.

As we reported, Young Dolph was gunned down last month while he was inside a Memphis cookie shop, with 2 masked gunmen being caught on surveillance footage before they fled in a getaway car.

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