YouTuber Aaliyah Jay’s Alleged Side Dude Threatens to Expose Her

The man, who goes by lou.chamberland_ on Instagram, kicks off his attack on the makeup guru by sharing his intimate photos with her on his social media account.

AceShowbizAaliyah Jay‘s public reputation and private life are about to be screwed. A man, who claims to be the beauty vlogger’s side dude, has threatened to expose her for whatever she’s done behind her boyfriend’s back and is apparently only known by Aaliyah herself and her side dude.

The man, who goes by lou.chamberland_ on Instagram, kicked off his attack on the YouTube star by sharing his intimate pictures with her on his account. He reportedly has deleted all his own photos and left up only the ones featuring him and Aaliyah. In one of the snaps, he put one of his hands around her shoulders and another hand on her crotch, while she took their mirror selfie with her phone.

He also had a Q&A with his followers, who were mostly curious about his alleged affair with Aaliyah. One person asked him, “How come yall stopped talking. Looked like u had chemistry..” Remaining tight-lipped, he replied, “Hmm you might be on something.”

Another asked his motivation to expose Aaliyah on public, to which he responded, “I haven’t really spoken about s**t yet tbh.” He went on claiming in an Instagram Story post, “I have not gotten disrespectful…..”

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It’s unclear what secrets that he’s kept about Aaliyah, but not all of her fans are seemingly interested to find them out. Accusing him of being bitter, one wrote to the alleged side dude, “You look like a side chick who caught feelings.” Another suggested, “Take this down it’s giving desperate.”

Aaliyah has not responded to the threat by her alleged side dude. She has been in a relationship with Wizard Kelly, though she barely uploaded photos of them together. One of her rare posts featuring him was made in March 2020 to celebrate his birthday.

“Happy Birthday to my Suga booga,” she wrote at the time along with pictures of her and her man. “I love you for life and even after that. So happy to be spending this year with you again. I pray over you for prosperity, safety and happiness. I love every bit and piece of you no matter how much you get on my nerves.”

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