13 Sexy Celebs Getting Down In The Sand While Wearing Bikinis: Kim Kardashian & More

It’s inevitable that you’re going to get sandy at the beach…so why not embrace it? These celebs sure have! Check out the sexy photos of stars who weren’t afraid to hit the sand in their bikinis!

Sometimes, you just have to go the extra mile to get a sexy Instagram photo — even if it means striking a pose while kneeling or laying down in the sand when you’re at the beach! Kim Kardashian is the Queen of Instagram, and when she’s on vacation, there’s never a shortage of bikini photos. During a recent trip, the mom of three rocked various different two-pieces and took multiple photos of herself kneeling in the sand or shallow area of the ocean. Of course, she made it look DAMN good. Her sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, have also struck sandy poses in the past, with no fear of getting completely covered in the stuff.

Ariel Winter has mastered the bikini-in-sand pose, as well. While on vacation, she kneeled down right in the messy sand while wearing her bathing suit, and even pulled the bottoms down to give her Instagram pic from the scene even more sex appeal. Then, there’s stars like Sarah Hyland, who went for a bit of a goofier pose when she was caught rolling around the beach in her bikini. She still managed to look super hot in the pic, of course! These poses sure aren’t easy to construct, but the ladies in the gallery here can certainly give us a lesson or two!

Click through the gallery above to check out these stars and more, like Bella Hadid, Vanessa Hudgens and Olivia Culpo, getting down and dirty in the sand while wearing bikinis. It’s perfect inspiration for your next July 4th Instagram pic, guys!

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