13 Stars Wearing Teeny-Weeny Polka Dot Bikinis: Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj & More

Can’t go wrong with a classic! These stars have all sported the same sexy summer look, so if you’re looking for beach inspo, look no further!

We’ve all heard the song about yellow polka dot bikinis — and we’ve been on the lookout for the perfect one to spend the summer in ever since. But while these celebs may not have snagged a bathing suit in that particular color, they have rocked adorable (and yes, teeny weeny) polka dots on the beach and by the pool. So even if you’re all about slimming stripes or cool color-blocks, or you just don’t do dots, maybe it’s time to give them a try! This cute classic can be your new summer wardrobe. And if you don’t believe us, take it from these stunners who had all eyes on them and their itsy bitsy suits.

Rita Ora, for example, looked ridiculously good in her black and white two-piece two years ago. When we say it fit her perfectly, we mean it — it even showed off all of the little tattoos on her waist. And as if the simple suit wasn’t cute enough, Rita took her summer style a step further with a body chain, an unbuttoned sheer shirt and a great pair of sunglasses. When it comes to poolside accessories, it doesn’t get much better than that.

The “Body On Me” singer isn’t the only star who has given us all a lesson in accessorizing polka dots to perfection, though. Take Coco Austin, for instance. She paired patterned high-waisted bottoms with a red halter top at the beach, plus a pair of sunnies and hoop earrings. But the best addition to her outfit was baby Chanel on her hip. That’s right — Coco’s daughter was with her in the water wearing a matching polka dot top. Too cute!

And would you believe that those two are just the beginning? So many stars have opted for this classic look from Kylie Jenner to Nicki Minaj, and we can see why. Click through the gallery to see them all looking pretty in polka dots.

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