25 Pics Of The Ladies Of Jersey Shore Looking Surprisingly Normal

Jersey Shore was a popular television show that captured the eyes of tons of people just because of the antics that would go on. Little arguments on television about borderline meaningless things were sure to make some people tune in because it made them feel at home. Most people felt that they experience some of what these people are doing on TV in their own lives. It aired on December 3, 2009, and came to an end on December 20, 2012. It was a time when the cast had to move on from their former reality TV personalities that people have come to love. For some, it was a time of sadness, for others, a time of feeling relieved that something they didn’t like wasn’t on the air.

Where’s the cast now? It’s something a lot of people are curious about, especially the female-dominated cast that has become very well known for the shenanigans that have gone on in the show. It’s hard to keep up with everyone at every point in time since they’re not all in one place anymore. They’re spread out and some of them are doing their own thing. No matter who the person is, they’ve done something in the long stretch of time from 2012 to now.  This article is not going to bash any women or objectify them. It’s only going to inform and show you some pictures of which of the cast members, specifically the female ones, are having fun and doing what they want to do in general. It’s no insult to anyone and is not designed to be by any means.

25 Snooki has got some kids now

Getting kids is often considered a downfall in someone’s career. This is especially true when it comes to people thinking about the entertainment industry. However, this isn’t the case with Snooki. She manages to go about her life and still look amazing. Her entertainment career can’t be over when she’s still moving forward with her life in a meaningful manner.

She’s got both a daughter and a son. She can even be seen in some pictures showing them off. This isn’t to say that she only had them for the attention, she’s not like that at all, she is just someone who enjoys flaunting off the love she has for her children. This is best seen in the photo above. She has gotten two separate cakes for her two kids. This alone suggests that she’s a caring parent. Most parents would only get their kids one cake since it would be cheap and overall, just easier to manage in the long run. However, Snooki wanted to please both of the kids, so, she got them what they seemed to like. The faces of the children just look like they want to munch on the cakes whole instead of cut it and eat it in pieces.

24 JWoww looking fresh

Now JWoww does have her own style. That goes without saying but she may have very-well adopted some areas of her style from Snooki. Snooki has had a similar hairstyle before, specifically on the actual Jersey Shore television series. It was quite interesting to see from time to time. It’s a calmer, more relaxed sense of style. She has always been notable for her beautiful shape and amazing long hair.

Her new haircut looks fresh, simple but elegant, like JWoww herself. She has never had to flaunt herself in the same sense like the other girls had to do. She was a natural attention grabber without actually seeking it. Simple things, like this new hairstyle, is no exception to that rule. It is a pretty basic haircut, but on someone who looks as brilliant and lovely as JWoww it is something that can easily become a trend. Remember Rachel Green from Friends? That hairstyle became a trademark for women in the 90s. If their hair was in that bob, you knew they watched the show Friends. So, see that? We’re not overexaggerating. It’s a basic haircut, but what is nice about it is that it doesn’t take a lot of work to maintain.

23 Sammi knows how to have some fun

Fun is important. We all need it or we will go insane pretty fast. It relieves our minds from the daily stress that we’re under. Sammi Giancola also has those daily stresses, so from time to time, she’s got to have a good relaxing period to herself. If she never got these important moments, she would have probably had several mental breakdowns already. It’s hard to just keep going about your life when all you do is work. It’s good that she has found the perfect balance for herself and what she enjoys doing.

In this photo shoot, she was on one of those merry go rounds. That right there shows us that she’s got that old-fashioned playful mind. Not many kids want to go on those anymore, in fact, they’re not even easy to come across anymore. Sure, they exist at amusement parks, but everyone is so busy on roller coasters that they don’t take the time to go on the smaller, calmer rides. It’s possible that during the photo shoot or even after it, she could have had some fun on the ride. This would have been good for her since she’s getting work done and is having fun. A classic two bird one stone situation.

22 Deena has a unique sense of style

Ah yes, the recurring theme of clothing. It must be noted that clothing is a big part of these people’s lives because it can really help or hurt them, it all depends on what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. However, while many of the people in this post do look good in the clothing they wear and manage to actually know their style pretty well, Deena Nicole Cortese has such a great sense of style that she might just take the cake on that one. She’s got something that most other people don’t have. She has the tools to wear unique clothing. Some stars try to keep their youth by dressing in an inappropriate way, but she manages to dress how she wants and remain classy while doing so.

She manages to run away from the solid colors and experience the essence of exploration of one’s own style through just being unique. This enables her to be herself and buy whatever she wants. Some of her unique clothing is what she’s wearing in the above photo. She’s wearing simple clothing with fun accessories, her hair down, looking casual and fun. That big belt definitely draws attention. Unique clothing is something that takes a special type of person to pull off and she might just be that person.

21  Snooki’s makeup skills have advanced

Snooki has gotten better at applying makeup to her face over the years. Of course, practice makes perfect but for her, it really changed how she looked in just a few years. Taking a look at her on camera during her parts on Jersey Shore really do show that her makeup experience has advanced. It’s advanced because of outright practice. Let’s face it, she was probably putting on makeup and just got better at it over time. This is likely the answer because it’s also seen with teen girls. When they first start out with putting on makeup, it isn’t the best but as they get older and use it more, they tend to get better application techniques, so, it makes their skills more sufficient.

What this means for Snooki is that she’s grown up. This is quite true because it shows that even indirectly, she’s learned how to do something better. Even if it’s only applying makeup, it still shows that she can learn a new way of doing something and then reapply that skill into other areas of her life if she pleases to do so. It’s a good thing because not many people like to advance themselves. Snooki has without even trying it, showing the world that she’s a different person when it comes to certain things, she has shown the entire world that she’s growing up in one sector so far.

20 jwoww’s wedding

Ah weddings, they’re a time for happiness and sometimes even a touch of drama. Despite that, it doesn’t mean that someone can’t look good while attending it. The entire wedding can be amazing if done correctly and a lot of that does in fact, revolve around what people are wearing. Think about that for a tiny moment, if someone was to show up in pajamas would they be considered as an important person or rather just a “wedding crasher.” Probably the second, right? This is why JWoww wanted to look fantastic. She didn’t want to end up not looking the best for her big day. No one does, everyone always wants to look awesome on that day, no matter who they are. Especially the bride.

Specifically, the dress that JWoww wore was amazing. It was truthfully jaw-dropping because it’s not the average looking one. Generally speaking, wedding dresses cover from the neck down to the toe. This case was different. Her dress had some high levels of fluff to it that allowed for it to show off her legs. The colors are also different, they have some pink and white. Most wedding dresses are solid white.

19 Sammi can dress for the occasion

Dressing for the occasion is pretty important because it can really define who you are as a person. This is more than just your personality this time. If Sammi was to dress in an informal way and show up to a funeral, people would suspect that she’s really not broken up about it or they would think that she is completely insulting the death of the person. It really depends on how and what someone is dressed up for. She certainly knows how to choose her outfits for the occasion.

In this particular situation, it can be argued that she is out and about with a few friends, probably just a quick night out. This could be the reason why she is wearing a slightly pink outfit. It shows the fun side of her that’s letting the rest of herself hang loose and just be an overall laid back and nice person. It shows whoever is viewing the image that she’s more than just a robot. That is sometimes a fear of some people, if someone is always working, they consider that person a robot and having images of them during fun situations can really change someone’s opinion of them.

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18 deena’s signature hair

For one reason or another, the stars of the former show called Jersey Shore seem to have a common haircut. It’s as if they all sat in a room one day and decided that this was going to be the haircut for the crew, without any changes or at least minor changes being made to each person’s style for it. This obviously didn’t happen and is much more of just a thought that some people might be thinking because it seems like a lot of the cast has the same fresh cut. It’s generally long hair, straightened, and the hair itself is separated by the shoulders and goes down both arms.

In particular, Deena has followed the common hairstyle. It’s not a bad thing to do. In fact, it’s a pretty nice haircut and could actually do someone well but it just comes off a little bit unoriginal. Being original is very important to a lot of people and if you’re not, then, it can make some people stop caring about what you have to say, especially if they see that often. This is true with how people wear themselves. It’s something that’s very important and must be watched carefully.

17 Amy rocks the short hair look

Not a lot of people like the short hairstyle that seems to have slowly been creeping up on society. It’s an old-fashioned style that is seen on many women. However, that does not by any stretch, mean that modern day women can’t get a nice short haircut that will be sure to compliment their looks.

Her blonde hair color already does wonders for her complexion. She manages to really diversify her social look via her hair a lot. It’s really one of the things that she can do significantly better than other people. Given the circumstances of her talent, she might enjoy mixing things up every now and then. It’s certainly something that has gathered a lot of opinionated people to debate the topic. All because her hair is short. When compared to her long hair, the short hair seems to fit her really well. It doesn’t look like it’s getting in her way and many things like her hair are pretty important to her. She takes care of it and you can tell by the way it’s maintained. She probably goes and conditions it and shampoos it often. These two things are very important when it comes to hair care. They are clearly considered in her case. For some reason, she is one of the few people that know how to take care of her hair really well. It’s a good thing too, it means that she’s got something that many people just don’t have.

16 Snooki seems to have adopted some Kardashian clothing style

The Kardashians are known for their crazy sense of style. It shows off wealth and manages to really express how one’s self is feeling.  Their jewelry is also pretty good. It’s not the average looking necklace, watch, pair of earrings or even bracelets. They tend to go for a look that’s different, one that calls out their name and gets people both looking and talking about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

Snooki from the above picture seems to have adopted that mentality just a little bit. You can see this with her necklace. It’s silver but has a fair amount of shine to it and the necklace itself doesn’t actually hang off the neck. It’s attached to her neck as a whole from what the photo suggests. This is completely different when compared to most people’s jewelry. This essentially makes Snooki look like them in an indirect manner. This wasn’t done to suck up to the Kardashians but rather to ensure that she can come off with the same great sense of style. It’s a great conversation starter and might just land someone that dresses that way another gig, because it gives off personality and the good side of being quirky. Not to mention, it looks modern.

15 jwoww’s modern fashion

Modern clothing is important when you consider how you’re going to connect with your audience, especially if you’re a celebrity. JWoww tends to take the simple route. She doesn’t really care about the wild clothing but rather how she’s going to wear the clothes that she likes, which really, is the only way to do it. Her outfits are quite nice when compared to the outlandish things some other celebs will wear.

Snooki, on the other hand, does not wear the young style clothing that some teens will wear. She tends to wear her own style and really just go for it instead of planning them down to the thread. However, it must be noted that even JWoww does have a little bit of her own style shoved into the modern and young clothing that she wears. It’s impossible to avoid that and shows that she wears her clothes for more than just her fans. Snooki does the personality part a little more. This is just one way the two of them kind of separate themselves. JWoww might be able to win over the younglings when she wears their clothing because they could very well perceive her as that cool aunt that everyone has but no one really talks to.

14 sammi isn’t afraid to experiment

Experiments are everywhere. They ensure our technological advancement and can be done with clothing. When someone does a clothing experiment they try to get the opinion of others without directly asking them. It’s much like an indirect census.

The experiment that she’s conducted her seems to be a nice white skirt that compliments both her hair and top. It’s something that has complimented her because the color black kind of goes with everything and if done correctly, and is always flattering on the body. The white skirt makes her look consistent and hard working without her having to say it. If she wasn’t properly wearing these items in this way, it would have ruined the entire piece. Her ability to effectively pull this off shows everyone that she definitely knows how to be fashionable even after all these years. This does not even mention how she looks different from the people in the back. They’re mostly wearing similar items but she decided to take it a different route and it may just have worked to her advantage.

13 deena holds her own

Eloquence is something that can’t entirely be taught, it can but takes someone who is willing to learn about it heavily. It’s an art form of those who are or at least come off as classy. In some cases, it can even be considered something the rich and very popular people have on their sides.

Deena even has this ability to make sure she looks good even when she’s sitting down, which is a lot harder than you might think. It’s not an incredibly hard thing but most people don’t do it and she is one of the few that actually do bother with doing it. She seems to be sitting down with her back nice and straight. This gives off the obvious impression of good posture. She keeps her legs close together which is something that is often considered to be very lady like. These two things combined give off the impression of her being some fancy women that only communicates with the highest of society. It’s actually quite fascinating when you think about it. Simple things that most people don’t do can increase someone’s opinion of them.

12 snooki’s adult face

You must be wondering what we mean. Well, it’s pretty simple. We just think she aged well. The human face tends to change over time. It doesn’t hide the fact that Snooki is now older. She’s not old and being old isn’t bad by any means. Snooki is more towards just looking less like a teen and more towards an adult. Her face has gotten smaller since her time on Jersey Shore. When she was on the show, she was a lot bustier, which is perfectly fine, but was too busy partying and not taking care of herself then. She certainly shaped up.

Snooki has been subject to some rumors of her having some reconstruction done. Whether or not they’re true is not the problem, because honestly, when people grow old, they change and that is what she did. The answer is that her face has changed. Her face as aged, but she is aging nicely, beautifully actually and has grown beautifully into a mature young woman. Maturity is important because she’s trying to expand herself into other aspects of her life. She wants to make herself look professional for her difficult job of being a mother now.

11 j’woww’s tattoos

Tattoos are like the ultimate form of expression. They’re permanent and will require a lot of thought because of that. People will often get tatted for personal reasons, like covering up scars from a terrible accident or even historical reasons. If someone took part in a war, they might get a tattoo of the regiment they were in at the time. There’s really so many different ways to go about getting a tattoo. JWoww seems to have a sleeve tattoo, it’s essentially a tattoo that basically covers your entire arm. Hence the name “sleeve.”

JWoww seems to have some pretty good tastes in tattoos. She has got a nice colorful one that really draws the human eye towards it. Then since everything is kind of bunched together, it requires some examination to decide what the meaning of her tattoo actually is. It’s very interesting when examining her tattoo specifically. We don’t know her history so it kind of lets us release the leash on our imagination to truly wonder why something is the way it is.

10 sammi always looks good

Most people can simply not manage a group picture because they’re not photogenic. Some people can because they know how to move towards an angle on the camera, or the photographer is decent at their job. Sammi is one of those people who are capable of having both get done well. She can properly make herself look powerful in a picture but also ensure that the others in the photo look good.

This time the former Jersey Shore actor was seen and photographed with her friends and co-stars. She looked far more important and powerful when compared to the other individuals because she’s standing with her arms crossed slightly. This can be argued to make her look professional and probably a little powerful. This isn’t something that she does on purpose but could be doing to just look good for a picture. It’s actually something that’s common for some people to do when they don’t have anything occupying both hands. The ability to do this is actually quite important if an actor is looking for work. It can allow them to effectively stand out in a crowd of people, who otherwise, would just be a normal crowd of popular people.

9 Angelina comes off as a party animal

The photo above, when taken out of context makes Angelina Pivarnick come off as someone who enjoys her fair share of partying. This can be both good and bad, it really depends on who’s looking at the photo and why. The opinion on the photo itself can certainly change if an employer was looking at it versus if a good friend of Angelina was looking upon this image.

Someone who is looking to hire her could see this image and ask themselves important questions like “What is she doing?” “Does she do this often?” and “Might this affect her job performance if I was to hire her?” These are all valid questions. Depending on the answer it could mean she either gets the job or doesn’t. This photo might be good to convey a certain type of person if you’re applying for a photography job but perhaps as a teacher, it wouldn’t look so good, especially if your students found it. Now, if a friend of Angelina was taking a look at it, the questions and response would be very different. They might easily think that she’s out partying and having a good time. That’s a fair thing for many people to do since they just need to unwind after a long day’s work.

8 snooki’s great hair

Most people have decent hair. They manage it well and generally take care of it. However, some people obviously, have better hair than the rest of us, it sucks but it’s true. Some of us dye our hair, condition it and change the style of it from time to time. Some of us do the opposite and do not take care of it. It is a situation that just really matters to some people and doesn’t to others.

Snooki is the first type of person. She manages her hair quite well and makes sure that every part of it looks good. Her hair has been dyed before and she occasionally teases it. When she does tease it, she makes it look good by adding a personal touch to it. Hair is clearly an important part of her overall style and she is more than aware of that. Thus, it only makes sense for her to go ahead and actually take good care of her hair. This is evident in her lifestyle because she has that “bouncy” look in her hair and does not try to hide any bad parts of it.

7 amy is the girl next door

It’s true. She does just look like an average girl who has a lot of pictures taken of her. Most celebs try hard to look like the average girl but fail, but Amy seems to have a natural ability to just look average and we actually mean it in the best way. This allows her to not be possibly consistently recognized and questioned in public. When someone looks out of the ordinary they tend to always draw some attention to themselves. Amy does not do this because she dresses like a normal human being that manages to control herself in the public sphere. She does not come off as someone who would ever step out in clothing that was not appropriate for her.

Amy can dress casually and this is something that she’s willing to turn to her advantage. She can be treated as a normal person in public, this could be something she wants because so many celebs end up getting treated like they aren’t normal. When she looks like a normal person, like in the photo for this entry, you get the idea that she’s just this girl who is living a simple life. It reminds us of the family photos that many people take from time to time.

6 jwoww’s interesting taste

Take a look at the photo above. The jewelry is far from the average that people tend to wear. It’s not weird but rather eye-catching and conversation starting. The white open and loose laces of the necklace would really cause someone to ask “where’s it from,” and that alone could show off someone’s quirky personality. This is an important thing to do when you’re a celeb because it might just make sure that you stay relevant and if you do, then it’s only good for your career. Think we’re over exaggerating again? In Hollywood, every little thing counts, including where you get your jewelry.

Jewelry is also pretty important when you’re a celeb. It’s an extension of yourself and if done correctly it can really help you out in the long run. Jewelry is just one way to make people go insane over how you get things done, and may even have your fans try and copy you. Most people won’t ever be caught wearing that style, but JWoww would probably mix it up with her modern clothing style and create something unique to her. This is not always the case but it might be for then the picture above.

5 amy’s smile

Smiling, it’s not something that will make everyone happy but a certain amount of people will just naturally smile back. Some of us just smile for the reason of smiling. It can turn someone’s day around. No, really, think about it on a deep level, someone is having a terrible day, and then they see you smiling at them with such a kind face. You’ll likely be the best part of their day. They will maybe even think about that smile when having another bad day. It’s something to think about once in a while when walking down the street, just go ahead and smile at people, it could really help them.

Amy tends to smile a lot. She seems like a pretty happy woman that just wants to show everyone how happy she truly is. This is most evident in the many pictures of her taken when she’s smiling. If someone takes as many photos as her smiling, it’s got to be a good thing. She must simply love smiling for photos since they’re something that can help anyone, anywhere, anytime with many different things.

4 black is sammi’s color

Sammi Giancola looks good in black. She knows this and can really use it to her advantage without really putting much effort into it. We saw this with the group photo that came before and also with this image. She’s consistently looking good while wearing an all-black outfit. It’s actually done with little to no effort for someone like herself. Think about that person who always looked good in high school no matter what they wore. She’s that kid but after high school.

Having a natural look that just goes with a color that is widely considered to go with anything is pretty helpful. It means you don’t need to sit and wonder in the morning about what you’re going to wear. That’s sometimes a burden of people who don’t have that natural look when it comes to just going about and doing things normally in their lives. The natural look on its own is truly powerful to the one person that can use it to their advantage. Black is just a classy and powerful color, one that people love to work to their advantage, whether they are a celebrity or not.

3 deena’s sticky situations

Sometimes we all get into a bad part of our lives where we make some mistakes that we later regret. It can’t really be avoided and could actually be a learning point for some people. It’s a dark time for most people and sometimes it is not a choice. They can either keep going down said path or they can decide to change up their life.  In this case, it looks like Deena didn’t end up on a good path but may have changed her ways for the better. If she did after this incident then that’s good and if she didn’t it shows that maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t ready to be an adult just yet.

Deena has had her up and downs, like anyone in the world. Whether she learned a lesson from what happened to her is a whole other story. She was supposedly taken in after an incident, but was she incredibly sorry for it? Maybe she was, we would have to ask her. This situation basically reinforces the fact that pop stars aren’t immune to things that happen to regular people and can get in trouble too. They are subject to the same law that everyone else is and need to maintain a good attitude and behaviors or else bad things happen to them.

2 angelina became an EMT

Serving the community is something that a lot of people wish they could do. It’s an honorable thing that requires a lot of effort and careful consideration. If someone who’s incompetent tries to be an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) they could easily end up showing those qualities on the job, which would obviously get them fired. Or not hired at all, if they showed it early on in the hiring process.

Pivarnick is said to have become an EMT. This is a big step for her because it looks like she’s found her true passion. Helping people who need it most. It’s not an easy job and it could very well be that she’s more suited for the job than stardom. She’s not the kind of gal that is going to go around and complain but rather the girl who will help the person who is always complaining about the problem they have. The entire idea of this shows a great love for wanting to help people out. She has become someone who seems to really like her job and work hard at it.

1 Amy’s wedding

Ah yes, the wedding photos. They are essential to any part of a wedding. They must be properly taken and done to make sure both in the married couple look their best. Any wedding photos that aren’t properly taken, might be destroyed to ensure only the best get through. It’s actually pretty Darwinian when you think about it. People will shove so much effort into getting only the best images of them on their big day.

This is even true for Amy Paffrath. She managed to get a wonderful image like the one above. There is an absolutely phenomenal background. The open waters. They’re mysterious and eye-catching. It really is a good place to go ahead and get your wedding photos taken of. Amy without a doubt knows how to get a good wedding picture. Given it may have been taken by a photographer, that doesn’t mean that she didn’t have a big hand in it. She must have because they’re on a boat and it’s kind of a really good place to get a picture. She clearly has a special eye for choosing unique places to get pictures taken of her.

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