25 Stylish Outfits That Prove 2018 Is Gigi Hadid's Year to Shine

25 Stylish Outfits That Prove 2018 Is Gigi Hadid’s Year to Shine

2018 is no doubt Gigi Hadid’s year to shine. Not convinced? Well, we took a look back at the outfits she has worn so far and, needless to say, they blew us away. While the supermodel’s on-again, off-again relationship with singer Zayn Malik has everyone in a tizzy, her incredible street style is one thing that’s been a constant all year long. From the shimmery gold Versace dress she wore for her 22nd birthday to a pair of simple yet chic leopard-print boots, we’re counting down 25 of Gigi’s best looks. Read on to have a look at what we’re talking about ahead.

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