£3.99 'face shaver' that tames eyebrows and moustache in seconds has received hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon

A FACE shaver costing just £3.99 has received hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon.

The genius 'razor' – which is also loved by beauty blogger Huda Hattan – can effectively tame unruly eyebrows, moustache and chin hair in seconds, according to happy customers.

It is described on the popular website for beauty bargains as having a 40mm "cutter head", made from stainless steel, that has a handle and safety net so you can remove stray hairs without hurting the skin.

The product – which folds away so you can safely store it – comes in a pack of three, and the manufacturer says they can last "a few months" if kept clean.

Hundreds of people have left positive feedback on the item – and it has over 70 per cent five-star reviews.

One pleased customer, who bought it to tackle her "peach fuzz" wrote: "Upon using the razor on my face the blade did a great job with removing the hair. Blade isn't to sharp that you'll cut yourself however sharp enough to do what it's meant to do."

Another commented: "Brought this to get rid of my peach fuzz and the not so cool moustache that seems to have swooped its way into my life after the age of 30.

"Was worried that by using these my hair may come back darker and thicker but its been months since I first started using them and so far I don't look like Chewbacca so 5 stars all round."

A third revealed: "After contemplating whether to switch to shaving my face, I decided to and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! I’ve tried waxing and it ripped my skin off, tried shaving cream and for me personally stops working after a couple of weeks but this.. this is amazing!

"I’ve not cut myself once with this and I’ve had it for two months. I’ve recommended to my friends to switching because it’s a lot cheaper than the other alternatives and a guaranteed treatment."

Sharing a snap of her "fleeky brows", another commented: "I always use these kind of razors on my eyebrows and these are amazing. Perfect brows once again."

Meanwhile, a grateful woman added: "This is so easy to use & evidently shaved my fuzz with alot of ease! No tugging or razor burn at all. Thank you for creating this fine specimen!"

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In a video shared on Instagram earlier this month, beauty blogger Huda praised the shaver.

Demonstrating how it can be used for chin hair, she said: "When you dry shave your hair does not grow back thick and it also helps exfoliate too."

The star added: "I love shaving my face. I shave every week now, and I'm not afraid to admit it."

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