5 new gadgets that are turning beauty high-tech

Mirror, mirror

Not only will this smart mirror — enabled by Amazon’s Alexa — broadcast the weather forecast, it will also reserve you an Uber or order your favorite beauty products. In terms of its primping capabilities, it comes with five different light settings and can analyze your skin condition via selfies (taken by a built-in camera) and offer personalized beauty advice. Something to reflect on. HiMirror Plus+, $269 at Hi Mirror.

Good vibrations

Power up your skincare game with Foreo’s new UFO Smart Mask Treatment. Insert one of the company’s Korean sheet masks into this circular device, which features app-activated T-sonic pulsations, warming thermal therapy and cryotherapy cooling. Phototherapy is also on the menu, with a spectrum of skin-rejuvenating LED hues. Why bother with a spa when you can get a facial at home in 90 seconds flat? UFO Smart Mask Treatment, $279 at Foreo.

Sun gauge

Avoid the red-lobster look with La Roche-Posay’s UV Sense. This reusable wearable connects to an app that measures your UV exposure, provides sun-protection tips and can store up to three months of data. Famed industrial designer Yves Behar created the clever device, which can be worn on your thumbnail for up to two weeks before being reattached with an enclosed adhesive. UV Sense, available in August as a gift with $100 purchase at LaRoche-Posay.

Dental dynamo

Talk about a brush with success. This electric rechargeable toothbrush is outfitted with a pressure sensor (so you don’t brush too hard), a timer (so you don’t quit too quickly) and position-detection technology (so you don’t miss a zone). The data is shared with an app, which guides your oral hygiene. The clean machine even has a disco touch: It lights up with your choice of 12 colors. Oral-B Genius 8000 toothbrush, $150 at Target.

Face forward

Neutrogena’s Skin360, a complexion-tracking contraption created in collaboration with tech startup FitSkin. The SkinScanner tool slides onto your cellphone; it’s fitted with powerful LED lights, a 30x magnification lens and a variety of sensors. As you image your skin with the tool, an app measures your pores, fine lines and moisture levels and recommends treatment regimens. Skin360 app and SkinScanner tool, $50 (available in August) at Neutrogena.

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