5 Stars Wearing A T-Shirt & Nothing Else In Bed: Rita Ora, Ariana Grande, & More

What’s comfier than wearing just a t-shirt to bed? Probably nothing, and these celebs agree! Check out these cute pics of hot celebs rocking the t-shirt to bed look!

Nothing but a t-shirt on! If it’s one thing we love, it’s being comfy…and these celebs are definitely on the same page! Being comfy in bed is an absolute must, and while matching pajama sets can be cute, they aren’t always practical. Sometimes the only way to go is an oversized t-shirt and some undies and that seems to be the go to for these celebs too! Check out their super cute night time looks before hitting the hay!

Ariana Grande, 24, loves wearing big shirts to bed! She took a cute selfie wearing her ex-boyfriend, Big Sean‘s, Tupac shirt a while back while snuggled in bed and it is totally a look. We hope she’ll share some more sexy bed selfies soon, but maybe wearing her new fiance, Pete Davidson‘s shirts instead!? We’re looking forward to it, Ari! Rita Ora, 27, loves wearing t-shirts to bed too. She snapped a pic still wearing a full face of makeup with a bright pink lip and a bright pink t-shirt to go with! That’s a bed time look for sure!

Lip kit queen Kylie Jenner, 20, also loves to wear comfy oversized tee’s to bed, too! She’s posted a few sexy photos of herself wearing nothing but a t-shirt to bed and she definitely made it look comfy — we don’t blame her living in that hot SoCal heat! Model Gigi Hadid, 23, loves to wear loose t-shirts to bed, as well. She snapped a photo while still in bed, wearing a gray distressed tee giving a whole new meaning to “I woke up like this”! Man, we wish we woke up looking like that!

To see more pics of celebs wearing nothing but a t-shirt to bed, click through our gallery above!

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